IPL 2020 Opening Ceremony and cheerleaders has been cancelled

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One thing about which people stay excited the most is the opening ceremonies. Whether it is any football event or cricket, there are always huge ceremonies. It is always like a great concert and when it comes to India which is a land of amazing performers, people go crazy for that. It is because their favourite stars are being invited to ceremony for performances which people love.

Now even though there are is a long time before the opening ceremony and the event itself, there are already speculations about whether who is going to perform in the event. What people expect are some amazing performance from their favourite singers and dancers and this is something they should bring. Also, as for the tradition, the theme of the opening ceremony is expected to be based on Indian traditions and this is what you should look forward to.

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As for the time and date of this IPL 2020 opening ceremony, there are no official news but we can estimate it very well. Since every year’s event starts in April and mostly it is in the first week, the opening ceremony may very well be on the dates around. Now if the event started on April 5th last year and the opening ceremony was on the same date, it is quite evident that the same schedule will be followed for this year as well.

There is a lot of stuff which we will still need to discuss about this big event. As for the stars who are going to perform on the night is unclear. However, we can expect some of the big names such as Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan to be performing on the event. This is huge because we have not seen performing these two together performing in an event like this. There are also huge rumors going around about the event.

IPL 2020 Auction Date:

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IPL Auction is a place where fates of the players get decided. Also, it is a moment of real excitement for the fans as well since new players gets entry to their teams while the ones who they don’t like may exit. That is why fans want franchises to be bidding on the players which they like the most. New player who have been performing good in the domestic leagues are brought to the light and this gives them an amazing opportunity where they can prove themselves. As for the IPL 2020 Auction Date, this is another thing which is not official yet but we can speculate or predict it. Before the start of the event, the auction is held usually two months before.

Based on this, we can say that as the last year’s auction was in February 20th, the next year’s auction will also be in the same month. However, the date maybe different depending upon the needs of the schedule. Fans also keep predicting and speculating about whether who is going to be the most expensive player in the year’s edition. This is never clear because we have seen surprising turn of events when some uprising players were bought for more price than expected. They even left star players of the current behind them. This is why it will be too early to say anything about it.

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To stay updated about the auction and players update, keep visiting this site. We will be updating the article with every latest info we can get from the main hub. You will soon be able to know whether which one of the players are going to join your team in this year’s edition. We will know move on the teams which are going to be a part of this year’s IPL event.

IPL 2020 Teams:

There are no news of any teams being added to the tournament. That is why we can assume that the teams list is going to be the same this year. A new team’s edition would however be fine. It is because a franchise is needed to come up with some rising stars. If this happens, there will be something huge coming from this year’s IPL edition. Since there is still time, we won’t speculate on anything. For now, we are going to bring you a list of teams which have been part of the previous year’s edition and may very well be in this year’s event as well. All those teams are listed below so let’s have a look.

  • Kolkata Knight Riders.
  • Mumbai Indians.
  • Kings XI Punjab.
  • Delhi Daredevils.
  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Sun Risers Hyderabad.
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore.
  • Rajasthan Royals

So this was a list of 8 teams which are going to take part in IPL 2020. If we get some updates on the addition or dropping out of any of the teams, you will be bringing you that as fast as possible. Let us now discuss some speculation concerning the schedule of the tournament.

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