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Crusade Classic
Crusade Classic

Welcome! This manual offers general tips on how to advance in level in WoW Burning Crusade Classic. Even though the level maximum in TBC Classic is 70 (10 levels higher than in WoW Classic, where it is 60), it still takes some time to level up from 60 to 70.

We talk about how to level up in both the old world and Outland most effectively, which zones to target, and general things you may accomplish.

Changes in levels

Several major modifications make the leveling task easier for characters under level 60 as compared to the original WoW.

  • The degree of experience necessary to progress from 20 to 60 level has been lowered by about 15%.
  • The level of experience acquired from finishing missions ranging in difficulty from 30 to 60 has been raised.
  • Many elite missions and monsters have degraded to non-elite status.
  • Classic has received new missions and quest centers.
  • Instead of level 40, gamers can purchase their ride and its instruction at level 30.

Classic methods of leveling

In TBC Classic, there are various common leveling strategies:

  • Quests are the easiest method, where you just go across the zones and finish each zone’s quest chains. Although certain tasks might need a group to accomplish, quests can be performed on your alone. Due to the fact that you may start and end quests whenever you choose, they are an extremely flexible leveling technique. In addition, missions provide you the opportunity to level up a profession as your character does.
  • Dungeons are far more effective than Quests since they provide more experience and ensure item drops, which are frequently superior to quest-obtained equipment. You will, however, require a good party of five individuals who are prepared to put in the effort to go through the same dungeons numerous times over the course of several hours.
  • A good alternative to dungeons and quests is Grinding. Simply choose a zone and kill a few mobs there to acquire experience. Ideally, you should kill enemies that also drop specific goods or increase your reputation.
  • Boosting is often reserved for characters under level 60, where the highest-level player is compensated with money for efficiently dispatching dungeon enemies so that lower-level characters can get a lot of experience. Although it might be pricey, leveling up is by far the most effective technique to level up.

A mix of these leveling options is advised because there are only so many missions in each area and dungeon groups might not always be accessible. But there are undoubtedly enough dungeons and objectives to quickly reach level 70.

Yes, you have to spend a lot of time gaining experience and levels by going through the same raids, dungeons, and events over and over again. These daily and weekly activities can quickly become more like work than leisure. If you want to enjoy the game more and have more free time, you can entrust the routine and boring work to qualified specialists from third-party WoW boosting services. It’s up to you, of course. And we continue.

Increasing the level of professions

As you level up, professions might give you helpful goods like consumables, armor, and weaponry. As long as you level up your character, leveling up gathering professions like mining, herbalism, and skinning is rather simple, but leveling up making professions like blacksmithing, alchemy, engineering, leatherworking, jewel crafting, and tailoring might be more challenging time a character levels up.

Players frequently select one or two collecting professions to make additional gold as they level up, then when they reach level 70, they exchange one of them for a crafting career.

Leveling equipment and consumables

Understanding your character’s requirements are crucial; for instance, melee classes grow greatly with their weapons speed and DPS, whereas caster classes scale greatly with spell damage. You may level up quickly by distributing your equipment such that they provide the most damage to your class. While there are several ways to get gear, including through quests and professions, it’s always a good idea to browse the auction house for goods that other players have found or made.

Due to their use, consumables should be highlighted in addition to equipment. Players in TBC Classic are limited to using the combat, defensive, and potion cooldown elixirs. It’s recommended to search out healing potions at the auction house because they’re typically quite cheap while leveling up.

Increasing the volume of the bag

All characters begin the game with a Hearthstone and a bag with 16 slots by default. As you level up, carrying additional stuff with you will be greatly facilitated by expanding the size of your bag. Bags are available from a number of places, including mob drops, merchants, experts, and the auction house. When they are traded in for larger bags, the majority of bags can also be traded or sold.

The normal 16-slot set increases to 20 spaces when a Battle.net Authenticator is assigned to your Battle.net account as a reward for enhancing player account security.

Gaining experience after breaking

Regarding the breaks, you will unavoidably need to log out and engage in activities other than World of Warcraft. It is advised that you log out at a hotel or rest place to benefit from this and feel relaxed. You can kill mobs and get 200% extra experience as a result.

This rested experience benefit may be acquired when logged in and sitting about in a bar or resting place, but it accrues considerably more quickly when logged out (and can be gained in a no-rest zone more slowly when logging out). For every eight hours, your character’s rests experience increases by 5%, reaching a maximum of 150% (1.5 levels).

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