Reelmaster® 7000 – Features and Specifications

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Your budget dictates whether you will purchase brand new turf equipment or used turf equipment for your golf course. There are websites where you can find used turf machinery for sale. Turf requires a wide range of equipment for maintenance like golf course mowers, aerators and so on. Golf course machinery is very expensive. You can cut cost by purchasing used turf equipment. You need to remove grass, leaves and debris from the turf. Utility vehicles also have a key role to play in maintenance. 

Today, we will learn about the features and specifications of Reelmaster® 7000 121″ (3.1m) Cutting Width. The turf equipment is powered by a 55 hp (41kW) Yanmar® diesel engine. It uses temperature-activated, auto-reversing SmartCool™ technology that automatically blows debris off and keeps the engine cool. The Reelmaster 7000-D comes with high-torque reel motors that allow the turf equipment to power through tough jobs. This makes the fairway mower highly productive. Another key feature is EdgeSeries™ DPA cutting units. You can get cutting units in the following widths: 

  1. 27 inch 
  2. 32 inch 
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An ergonomic control arm and air-ride suspension enhance the operator’s comfort and productivity. 


Yanmar® Diesel Engine

55 hp (41kW) Yanmar® is a powerful diesel engine. The machine has an exhaust after-treatment system to meet the EPA requirements.

SmartCool™ System 

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This system has a temperature actuated reversing fan with variable speed. Chaff on the intake screen can lead to overheating. SmartCool System reduces overheating by blowing chaff off. This also saves your time as you don’t need to clean the back hood more often. 

4 Wheel Drive 

The parallel hydraulic traction system of the Reelmaster 7000 provides a bi-directional 4-wheel drive which is full-time. There is a parallel hydraulic flow between the rear wheels and front wheels. As a result, the machine gets 4-wheel drive that assists in turns. You can easily trim around hills and wet terrain without tire scuffing.     

Increased Overlap Option 

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You can increase overlap area to almost 6″ (15 cm) by adding two 32″ rear cutting units. This completely eliminates problems like uncut grass on hillsides or tight turns.

Improved Operator Comfort 

The operator gets all the controls and indications on the right armrest. You can conveniently operate the unit. Reelmaster® 7000 121″ ensures reduced fatigue and enhances the operator’s experience with lower operating noise. The unit also offers improved visibility, deluxe suspension points and tilt steering. The machine is designed for the operator’s comfort and convenience. 

Simplified Maintenance 

The design makes it easy to access service points and service components for routine maintenance. You need to spend less time on maintenance and repair tasks. 

EdgeSeries Reels 

EdgeSeries™ DPA cutting units deliver consistent, superior and high-quality cut appearance. Improved reel edge retention reduces maintenance. 


Engine4-Cylinder Liquid-Cooled Yanmar 55 hp Diesel Engine  
Fuel Capacity 83 litres (22 gallons) diesel fuel 
Transport SpeedForward – 0-22.5 km/h (0-14 mph)  Reverse – 0-11 km/h (0-7 mph)
Mowing SpeedForward – 0-11 km/h (0-7 mph) 
Height of Cut6.4-38.1 mm (0.25″ – 1.5″)
Cutting Width307 cm (121”) 
Weight1950 kg (4,300 lbs) without cutting units and fluids  

The following are the Reelmaster® 7000 121″ (3.1m) Cutting Width accessories: 

  • Powered Rear Roller Brush
  • Universal Groomer
  • Two-Post ROPS Extension System
  • EdgeMax™ Bedknives, Comb Kit, Scrapers
  • Verti-Cutting Reels
  • Grass Basket Kit
  • Universal Mount Sunshade
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