Facebook is expanding the presence of its children’s messaging app

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Facebook is expanding the presence of its children’s messaging app, Messenger Kids. Once released in the United States (US) last year, it is now available in two other countries, Canada and Peru. Facebook plans to continue to expand the Messenger Kids service.

Facebook messenger kids

In addition to the US, Canada, and Peru, Spain and France will also be the next target. However, there has been no detailed information about the launch in the two countries.

In addition to launch in Canada and Peru, Messenger Kids now also has a new option called Pledge which is the result of a collaboration between Facebook, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence researchers and global advisory groups.

Kids Pledge Messenger aims to teach children to respect, do good, always be safe and have fun.

In addition there are also Kindness Stickers are made specifically to be an inspiration for children to always do good.

This new sticker can be used after the user updates the Facebook Messenger Kids app.

Furthermore, Messenger Kids will have a new feature called Appreciation Mission, but it has not been released officially yet.

This feature is an interactive guide that encourages children to discover and express appreciation for their friends and family.

Outside of the new features already and will be released, Facebook says it will continue to strengthen the Messenger Kids app.

The development of the capability of this application is basically based on the input of parents and experts who fit the main purpose of the service.

The presence of Messenger Kids aims to be a secure app for children who want to send messages to their close friends and family.

Apart from Messenger Kids, Facebook is reportedly preparing an automatic translator feature for the Messenger service. According to reports, this feature will slide in the near future in Messenger.

As services expand, Messenger Kids has new features

This automatic messaging interpreter feature will be released first in the United States (US) and Mexico. Early language ability is to translate messages in English and Spanish.

The M Translations feature was announced at the F8 conference this year and is part of M Suggestions.

M Suggestions is a package of Artificial Intelligence technology (AI, Artificial Intelligence) for Messenger with various functions.

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M Translations works in the same way as translator features that already exist on Facebook.

If an English speaking user receives a message in Spanish, Messenger will automatically translate it. That is, this feature can translate English into Spanish, and vice versa.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the exact date of the launch of this language translator feature. The US and Mexico will certainly be the first to taste it, but Facebook will also release it for various other countries thereafter.


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