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Whether in school or business organizations, sending files in PDF format is widely used. It is also considered the best file format for storing important and confidential information for a long time. When looking for the best tool in organizing bunches of PDF files, make sure to be wise and careful in choosing reliable and protected websites. There are numerous online tools today, and some are claiming these and that but end up compromising your documents.

With PDFBear, offers a wide range of PDF editing and converting tools to help you handle and organize any PDF files. All the services they offer are accessible for free, and your security is their top priority. You may also find that other services aren’t available to other sites and are available only in PDFBear. To know more about this online converter tool, keep scrolling through the information below.

Word to PDF Converter 

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If you’re in a rush looking for a tool to help you convert Word to PDF files, then PDFBear is definitely your best pick. It is a user-friendly software and has been a proven and tested tool in converting your files with high-quality results. You can take the quick and precise way by changing your DOC to PDF on PDFBear. 

If ever you need to convert your word document to a PDF file precisely, PDFBear will do it for you! You’ll just need a couple of clicks to complete the entire process. What’s more, these things happen in a relatively short time! 

PDF to Excel Converter 

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Another assignment that seems possible to be done is to manually transfer the vital information from a PDF to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. With PDFBear, you don’t need to do or include anything manually any longer. You can directly change your PDF file and all the information in it to an MS Excel spreadsheet. Considering how tedious MS Excel can be, you’ll be saving yourself so much time. 

You can search this converter tool on the PDFBear official site. Changing over a PDF file to an Excel spreadsheet is quick and direct. You’ll have the option to effectively change your PDF over to Excel within a few minutes, perhaps even seconds! 

Compress PDF Tool 

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You may have a PDF file that runs huge in file size. With PDFBear, you can easily compress your PDF file online in no time. The Compress PDF tool will just need a couple of clicks from you. It utilizes a clear interaction in lessening the document size of your PDF. Anyone can use and decrease a PDF file on PDFBear for free.

Plus, no need to worry about the document’s quality as PDFBear always ensures to keep the content and quality. You can decrease any PDF that scales up to 1 GB in size. You’ll have the option to decrease and compress any huge PDF files by up to 70% utilizing this PDF compress tool. Since you’ve reduced the record size, you’ll have the option to use the PDF to print, send emails, and upload online.

Split PDF Tool

Splitting PDF pages means you need to extract a single page of PDF files and transfer them to a different PDF file. This process is useful when you have a PDF containing many unnecessary details and the data you need. You can think about the Split PDF tool as a Snip Tool for PDF files. This way, you can be more efficient in introducing any PDF format information. 

You’ll have the option to split PDF pages effortlessly utilizing this PDFBear online tool. The first function of splitting PDF with PDFBear is choosing and splitting the PDF into single pages. The subsequent one is the function that separates a specific page or page range from the original PDF file. You can access these two functions to split PDF pages much simpler and more helpful. 

Accessible anyplace, anytime, and on any platforms and devices

You can easily access these PDFBear tools from practically anyplace around the world. Anytime you need a PDF tool, this software is quickly accessible. On the off chance that you need to alter, improve, or convert a PDF during your walk, you’ll have the option to do as such through PDFBear. Ensure and see that you have a steady data connection with access and utilize these PDFBear tools. 

You can precisely edit, compress, split, convert and improve from any platform or operating system. Altering, converting, and improving any PDF file isn’t an issue when you do it from a Windows-based or Mac-based system. You could even utilize a Linux-based system; you’d, in any case, have the option to get to these tools on the PDFBear official site! 


PDFBear offers more than converting, splitting, compressing your PDF files and optimizing tools. These tools on our rundown are just the often utilized PDF tool by most of the PDFBear users. You can access and use these PDF editors and converters on your internet browser free of charge. Plus, you can always expect a great result regardless of which altering, converting, and optimizing process and tool you use on the PDFBear portal. You can access both the free and Pro version of PDFBear. The only advantage of the latter one is you can use all the features that this online tool offers to whoever signs up for their pro membership. Try it out for yourself today!

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