8 Spaces In Your Bathroom That You Don’t Know Can Be Useful

Your Bathroom
Your Bathroom

Not everyone is blessed with a huge bathroom. Most often than not, it’s probably the smallest room in the entire house. But if you will come to think of it, a bathroom does not have too much furniture to store. All you need is the toilet, the sink, a shower, and the tub and you’re good to go. The challenge, though, is to establish a relaxing ambience. It is, after all, what we all seek in the bathroom: relaxation.

Although we don’t have a lot of furniture in the bathroom, the room requires a lot of storage places to keep our items such as toiletries and towels. Because of that, you need to be resourceful and creative in putting up storage cabinets and shelves. In this article, we will give you some ideas where you can install it in places that you never thought can be useful.

1.Over the toilet

The top of the toilet is one of the most disregarded spaces in the bathroom. Of course, it will be a little bit hard to maneuver above it considering that the floor space is used by the toilet. However, there are a lot of new shelf designs that you can use as over toilet storage. You can use it to store items that you often need such as soap and tissues. However, it’s also a nice place to store other items for decorations such as stylish bath soaps and shampoos.

If you think that this may look uncomfortable for someone who’s using the toilet, you don’t need to worry about that. These over toilet shelves are aligned with the toilet tank so it will surely not be a hindrance.

2.Beside the toilet seat

The space beside the toilet seat is also one of the spaces that people don’t use often. However, there are a lot of skinny and small shelves that you can use. It is one of the most creative and smart ways to store tissue papers and towelettes. It’s more accessible and it will keep your items more organized.

3.At the back of your door

If you are looking for a space to hang towels or other items, you can always use the back of your door. It’s the best place to install hooks and other decorative items such as small racks and shelves. It’s very useful because it doesn’t use any floor space, but it keeps your items in place. If you don’t want to store any items there, you can just hang a painting or any artwork to add an accent to the room.

4.On top of the shower

The space on top of the shower is also something that most people disregard. However, it is one of the best places to put up a shelf and store more permanent items such as possible stocks of shampoo, soaps, and other items that you will need in the shower like loofah mitts. If you are going to use the space to install a shelf, you have to make sure that those are the items that you don’t need right away. It’s best to use only for long-term storage.

5.On top of the toilet tank

Some people put flowers on top of the toilet tank to make it look close to nature. However, you can also use this space for additional storage. Instead of a vase, it’s better to use put a decorative basket or bin then you can store some magazines, books, and other materials. This can be an additional tool to relax the mind of whoever is using the lavatories.

6.Under the sink

If you have a sink in your bathroom, you can take advantage of the space below it. If it’s an open space, you can install a cabinet so it will look neater. Inside that cabinet, you can put various items such as bathroom cleaning tools, scrubs, and other items. This is one of the most effective ways to keep dirty items away from the eyes of everyone.

7.On top of the sink

Add special touches such as beautiful candles placed on top of your bathroom sink for beautiful and relaxing aromas. Most of the time, people just leave the space near their sink bare. However, the top of the sink can be very useful especially if you are the type of person who has a lot of beauty routines. You can get some creative shelves and small cabinets to put your items. There are also other creative storage ideas like jars.

8.The entire wall

If you don’t have enough floor space, you can always count on your walls. You can always install different types of shelves and cabinets as additional storage. It’s the best and smartest way to keep your bathroom spacious but you’ll have more options to be organized.

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