6 Reasons Why Rolex Pearlmaster Is The Best Gift To Your Wife


Finding the perfect gift for your wife is always a challenge. If you have been together for so long, you might probably have exhausted all her likes and favorite items to buy. Additionally, she may already have a bunch of other gifts from other people which adds to the list of things you cannot give her. Luckily, there’s an easy answer to your solution. You can always give her a previous luxury watch that she can wear on formal occasions.

Rolex is one of the trusted names when it comes to manufacturing luxury watches. However, if you think that this brand is only focused on designing watches for men, then you’re mistaken. They have a wide selection of watches for women and one of which is the Rolex Pearlmaster. It is built with the same pristine engineering that is a staple to every Rolex watch and it is equipped with the best glitz and glamour decoration that every woman will surely love. Here are some of the reasons why this is surely the perfect gift to give your lovely wife.

1.It is made by Rolex

When a watch is manufactured and designed by a trusted Swiss watch company, there is no doubt of its excellence. Rolex Pearlmaster is known as one of the best, greatest creations the company has ever produced. It is a combination of timeless sophistication that Rolex always portrays and paired with the most advanced technology in the field of watchmaking.

2.It is the symbol of elegance and style

This watch model belongs to the Oyster collection which represents an exquisite combination of precious metals and gemstones plus the reliable mechanism of Rolex. It means that Pearlmaster is built not only to tell the most precise time but also to symbolize and celebrate the elegance of every woman around the world.

3.It is made with precious metals and gemstones

At a glance, you will see tons of the world’s beautiful diamonds around the entire watch. The whole exterior is populated with this precious stone that every woman adores. As the old saying goes, Diamonds are forever, which stands true as what it represents on Rolex Pearlmaster. Moreover, the entire watch is composed of high-quality metals to ensure its performance. This timepiece is not just a thing of beauty but it’s also a reliable accessory for timekeeping.

4.It has an irresistible charm

Despite the number of diamonds inside and outside the watch, it doesn’t look too overwhelming. The watch design features a strategic placement of these stones in soft curves which makes it look best on a woman’s wrist. It resembles a unique character with the combination of sapphire and rubies on its dial. Additionally, the diamonds are resting on an 18 carat yellow and white gold metal which boasts the most intense radiance. This creates a charming ensemble that no woman will ever resist.

5.It is made with a refined mechanism

Rolex will never make something that does not meet their technical excellence. Along with its beauty, Rolex Pearlmaster is built with a comfortable white gold bracelet that conceals the Crownclasp effectively. Its dial has a diamond-studded decor with roman numerals and the iconic crown logo at 12’oclock plus a cyclops lens on the 3’oclock position. This lens will help the wearer see the date on the watch. Its hands are also made of white gold that shines as bright as the entire timepiece.

Apart from its aesthetic allure, Rolex Pearlmaster is crafted with a balance of durability and effectiveness. It is also waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, which makes it fit to work on small exposure to water. Its movement is also protected with a high-end screw which only Rolex watchmakers can access.

6.It has intricate details that she will surely love

Of course, you cannot go wrong when manufacturing this very detailed watch. Rolex made sure that each decor piece is carefully crafted using high-end machines and electroforming. In that way, there will no errors or mistakes when it comes to putting each stone in the right location. The decor is also carefully chosen to make sure that there will be a balance from using various types of metals such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Designers of this watch made sure that there it will not be too much for a piece of accessory.

Buy this precious luxury watch

Rolex Pearlmaster is perceived as the feminine interpretation of the classic Rolex Datejust. This makes it the perfect and generous gift that you can give your wife either on her birthday or your anniversary. 

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