Rado Watches: The Watches With History

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If you have yet to notice, among the watch industry, it was the Swiss watch industry where most of the watch brands we know roots today back from. From craftsmanship, design, and movements, the Swiss watch industry had it all. Each of those brands left a mark in watchmaking history. Each of those brands had an exciting history that one would not wonder that almost every brand coming from the Swiss watchmaking industry would indeed become something. Rado is one of the several brands that take pride in coming from the Swiss watchmaking industry. A Rado watch promises innovative features that offer you durable watches bearing unique designs. 

Looking Back At Rado

The Rado Watch first came out in 1917. It was under the name of Schlup & Co. The three brothers namely, Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schlup, made use of their parents’ home by making it into a watchmaking factory. The progress was slow. But eventually, the company became a success, and In 1957, the company released the Golden Horse collection. The collection paved the way for the first watches that would come out under the name Rado. 

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A year after, in 1958, a new collection, the Green Horse, got introduced. It was the first water-resistant watch for Rado. In summary, the 1950’s era was a success for Rado. Not only that, but they even reached international success as the brand became global. Rado spread through sixty-one countries. In 1961, a new era for Rado came to be upon the release of DiaStar 1. The watch has a trendy design. It is of hard metal and sapphire glass make; thus, this watch is scratch-resistant and a first for Rado. Additionally, this watch model set the standard for the Rado watches that followed. 

In the 80’s Era

Rado released the Rado Integral. This specific model has high-tech ceramics, which gradually paved the way for this watch to bear the signature material that the brand uses. Moreover, it has a distinctive minimalist design. Moving forwards towards the mid-’90s, the brand achieved high-tech ceramics and came up with new materials, namely the cermet and the plasma. In the following years, Rado introduced another new watch bearing high-tech diamonds. With its quality make at that time, this watch model became the ultimate scratch-resistant model.

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For a long while, Rado placed its focus on modifying and creating simple designs for their watches. They also released the True Thinline collection. These timepieces have 5mm in thickness. Come 2013, and the Essenza Touch came to be. The most potent driving force behind Rado was the continued innovations in design and materials. From the high-tech ceramics up to the sapphire crystals, Rado has come a long way. The brand puts its customer’s needs always as a priority. This extraordinary effort of the brand is visible with the materials they use. Most of the materials are hypoallergenic, making them safe to use for everyone.

By 2019

Rado became an official timekeeper for twelve events in a tennis tournament. This event is often an international one. This participation in the events proved Rado’s timeless promise of a durable and precise watch.

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With its continued strive for innovation and improvement in its watches, Rado is sure to be adapting as the world evolves and becoming more and more modern.

Rado Golden Horse Collection

These watches display a classic appearance and have a domed and smokey green dial. Of course, the models also portray a touch of modern found in its automatic movement with eighty hours of power reserve. The bracelet has a comfortable feel, allowing the wearer to enjoy having this watch on hand. 

Furthermore, the Golden Horse symbol on the lower part of the dial provides the watch with its vintage background. Hence if you are into classic watches, this watch model is ideal for you to have. 

Rado Captain Cook

This watch is another vintage classic for Rado. It has a perfect mix of materials such as high-tech ceramic and sapphire crystal. With its design, this watch promises to be able to last for a long time. Additionally, this watch has up-to-date features that you would surely enjoy.

Rado True Thinline Collection

These watches possess a colorful blend that would surely attract the masses. The models in this collection have an elegant appearance and are very light and scratch-resistant. These watches are probably one of the most comfortable watches you would be able to wear. 

Final Thoughts

With its continued pursuit for innovation and to offer unique and durable timepieces that are sure to be safe for use, one can expect more from Rado. The brand created a name for itself through the years. It has proved its precision and durability along the way. With these watches, you are sure to have more than just an accessory and a reliable source for telling time. Not only that, but it is also available for both men and women. With its wide range of watches to choose from, you will surely be able to find one that suits your taste.

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