Some essential tips and tricks for playing Call Of Duty: Warzone

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Call of duty warzone is a battle game. People are loving battle games these days. But, for playing any game, you need some tips and tricks for the game’s affective experience. Tips and tricks here meant to the strategies and the essential measures which should b kept in mind before playing the game. There are so many tips and tricks for playing this game, and this will make you learn some hard truths and facts of the game, which will help you to defeat your rivals very easily. 

Call of Duty has so many versions, or we can say seasons, and warzone is the part of modern warfare season 2. This is a free battle royale game, and it includes so many exciting things in it. Like other battle games, it also includes maps and ammunitions, but its graphics and all the other stuff is different from other games, and it will look like you are inside the game, and all the things are real. These features are inside the game, but another thing that is helpful in playing this game is warzone hacks and cheats, which are also useful things. Let’s discuss some of the tips and tricks for playing the game. 

Before dropping yourself, check the map

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In the COD warzone, you will find some different types of maps that you can access at a certain level. You should check the map before dropping on any of it as every map has different criteria for playing the game, and you should be aware of that before dropping on it. The choice of the map is an important variable of playing the match, after that, you will see a cargo plane in which you are travelling, and with the shrinking gas circle on the map you will have an idea of more players at that place, and you should jump there so that it will be more convenient for you to kill them.

Dropping yourself on the map full of players will grow your confidence, and it will be helpful for you to grow some tactics in you. If any person doesn’t want to counter themselves in the battle area, then he/she can go remote and find some good pieces of equipment for playing more powerfully. This game has a trial-by-fire approach that will help these people, and they can train themselves to fight in crowded areas through this approach. 

Cut your parachute to drop more quickly

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The parachute in the game will be found by you in the very beginning. In the very beginning, there will be a map on which you have to jump, and you will find so many other players on it. You will be on a plane, and you have to jump from that, and a parachute will be on your back. You can open that parachute anytime you want; some people go down slowly as they like it in this way, and some people take advantage of the parachute by cutting their cord, and with that, they can open and close their parachute so many times.

The cord-cutting stunt will help you as it will boost up your speed of going down more speedily and aggressively. Through this, you will easily choose the ground on which you want to land. Another advantage you will get by doing this is that, with the early landing, you will be able to shot the players who are still landing. 

Don’t save your cash

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You should not hoard your cash as this will not give you any benefit in some modes. You can collect cash anywhere you find in the game. You will find a pool of cash in some of the levels, and you can collect all of it. But, in some of the matches or levels, you will hardly find any cash, so you should not go for finding it all the time. 

In the battle royale mode of Call of Duty, you will not get any bonus for collecting cash. You can only use that cash for buying some ammunition, some modes and features and so on. The sincere decision will be that you should not keep this cash along with you, you should buy some rewards and ammunitions for this. You can also save your life as well as your teammates’ life as this cash can be used for saving a life. 

Use cheats and hacks properly

There are some cheats and hacks of the game, which will be very beneficial for you and it will make your gaming experience better. You can get these chats from the web and use them in the game as these cheats will help you in so many situations and save you from dying. Some of the famous cheats and hacks are there, like Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and warzone removals are there. 

ESP is a kind of cheat in which you will get an x-ray glass; it is the best wallhack. That x-ray glass will be fitted in your eyes, and you can see the opponents behind the solid surfaces and the obstacles. This is possible that glass will make the obstacles and solid surfaces transparent, and you can find your opponent more easily and can kill them. 

Warzone removals are the kind of hacks that will help you to remove the obstacles and the problems coming your way. The disturbances like fog and smoke will become in front of you in some matches; you can remove those obstacles by applying these removals. Some of the names of the hacks are sway, recoil, smoke, fog, etc. 


To sum up, we can say that Call of Duty: warzone is a game of excellent features. This game has amazing graphics, ammunitions and modes in it, which makes it different from other battle royale games. But, for playing every game, you should learn some tips and tricks so that your gaming experience will become good. Some of the tips have been discussed above, which are Before dropping yourself, check the map, Cut your parachute to drop more quickly, Don’t save your cash and Use cheats and hacks properly. 

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