Five Panel Hangers are the most efficient Boxes for the safety of the product

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Apparent Outlooks:

Five panel hangers are made up of bux board, cardboard, or corrugated cardboard materials. These have the ability to protect the products from getting damaged and from other external environmental factors like moisture and intense heat. These can be bought from the vendors at both the local markets and the online platforms at an affordable rate. These can also be customized to make the apparent outlooks a bit more attractive. For increased protection features, inner walls can be padded with extra layers of material, or the outer body can be laminated with multiple layers.

Features of Panel Hangers:

Five panel hangers are known for their unique appearance and protective nature. These are made up of durable and eco-friendly materials to keep the products and the environment safe. These are affordable and can be bought from online and local market vendors. Different customization techniques can be applied to these to make the designs and styles look more attractive than ever. These are available in all size ranges, and it depends on the size of the products. Wholesale dealers also deal in these displaying solutions and offer a much-reduced price range for bulk orders.

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Five panel hangers are known as one of the best tools to display the products to the customers in an alluring manner. These are available in multiple different designs, shapes, and color schemes to grab the attention of the buyers. Apart from the display qualities, these are also known for providing much-needed protection and preservation to the products that are placed inside. The reason behind this is that these are manufactured by using durable materials that guarantee product safety. Following are some of the features of panel hangers in this regard.

Durable Materials

When the protection and the safe delivery of the commodities is a major concern, the selection of the manufacturing materials must be made with extra attention. The panel hangers that we are talking about are known for providing the much-needed safety features to the products as these are manufactured by using strong and durable materials. Cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and bux board materials are mostly used for manufacturing, and they ensure that the commodities do not get damaged as a result of the high-impact situation. Similarly, these display packaging solutions are also perfect when you need to transport the items from one place to another. They ensure the safe delivery of the commodities without any damage. The hanging display solutions can fall on the ground at any time, and to reduce the amount of damage in such situations, you need to give due attention to the choice of materials.

Padded Interior-Laminated Exterior:

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Apart from the selection of durable materials, the interior of a five panel hanger box also plays an important role in the safety of the products that are placed inside. These display hangers are often padded with extra layers of materials on the inner side to give a safe environment to the items. These padded interiors are more beneficial when there is a chance that the commodities can collide with the walls and get damaged. Apart from the padded interior, there is also another option to increase the protection capacity. It is to laminate the outer layers with a durable and thick wrapping sheet on all the sides except the front portion. The laminated outer walls serve the same purpose as the padded walls on the inner side. These features make the panel hanger displays one of the most effective options when the protection of the commodities is the main concern.

Designs for Protection:

You may come across several options when you lookout for a perfect 5 panel hanger box design. On the one hand, designs are useful in giving an alluring display to the commodities, while on the other hand, designs can also be customized to use for protective requirements. The panel hanger displays offer multiple design options in this regard, and one idea is to have compartments on the inner side. This is helpful so that the products do not collide with one another. Compart6ments can play a vital role, especially when you need to deliver the items to a distant place.



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Sometimes, the material of the packaging reacts with the products and spoils them. Especially for the food items and other such products of delicate nature, the manufacturing materials of the display packaging solutions must be non-reactive. These should also have the ability to keep the moisture and other external environmental factors away. The five panel hanger cardboard boxes can serve the purpose comprehensively in this regard. These do not react with the items that are placed inside and keep them safe from getting damaged or spoiled. Apart from the cardboard material, Kraft or bux board materials can also prove to be highly fruitful.

Safe for Environment:

Safety and protection of the environment are as essential as the protection of the business products. The panel hanger boxes we are talking about are manufactured by using biodegradable and sustainable materials that don’t produce any pollution of harmful elements for the environment. The sustainable nature allows you to use them multiple times, and the requirement of new display solutions will be reduced to a greater extent and will ultimately reduce the pollution produced during the manufacturing process.

To cut things short, if you want to display your products to the customers in an impressive manner and want to keep those items protected, too, you must immediately go for the panel display solutions as they are the best in business right now. To get your hands on bulk solutions at a much-reduced rate, you can get in contact with a vendor that deals in five panel hanger boxes wholesale. It will reduce your business expenses by a greater amount, and you can now focus more on profits.

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