Have you ever wondered how enamel pins came into being?

Enamel Pins
Enamel Pins

Lapel pins have a cavernous history with lots of events and stories. These small pieces of metal are highly worthy because most brands prefer using an enamel pin to represent their products. Customizing enamel pins is easy too at this very time, as some websites let you design and get delivered to you. 

Enamel pins are everywhere and thanks to their multiple uses. You must have seen an enamel pin once in your life, even if you never used it. In a nutshell, enamel pins are considered to be a symbol of occupation and identity. These pins are used as a statement of historical events and a mark of an era.

Today, even the government has multiple uses of these badges in different departments. You might have noticed that the trend of some ornamental badges is increasingly emerging. History has much more to share with its lovers. However, no one can surely explain why and how the first lapel pin came into being.

Brief History of Enamel Pins

Well, as you start digging the history, you will get to know that it originally appeared from the totem symbol of the prehistoric kin tribe. Actually, it started about 3,800 years ago, in 1800 BC. They were not the founder of enamel and lapel pins though the earlier Egyptians made some of its process that ultimately design a beautiful pin.

In 1800 BC, making ornamental filigree artwork was the most common thing done by soldering little pieces of wire jointly. About 600 years later, Greeks continued the process and started filling the blank places in the lattice with powdered glass. The artwork was fired, which make it an enamel inlay.

Between 1271 and 1368 AD, Yuan Dynasty ruled over China, and that was when the Chinese continued working on the enameling art. At that time, enameling art was used to make attractive things, including jewelry, vase, and even the first enamel pin. During the Ming Dynasty that lasted from 1368 to 1644, enamel wear gets off in China.

Later on during the Civil War, lapel, stateside, and enamel pins really get on a chance when soldiers needed to wear pins embossed their unit numbers to keep the troops organized and identifiable. Even after the war goes to an end, veterans didn’t skip wearing the pins. They continued wearing it because they wanted to express devotion and togetherness with other soldiers.

Since then, pins had been widely symbolized in military and political events. In 2014, the renewal of the pins got off, and sovereign artists started making unique designs for pins. This hobby further evolved into modern pins. People began their own designs crafting, and it continued. Quilting mayhem provides a great choice of fabrics and quilting supplies for all types of sewing needs.

Enamel Pins don’t have a Definite Reason.

Some people don’t agree with the statement that enamel pins are political testimony. In reality, these pins are simply known to be a kind of fashion for suave people seeking to make a personal testimony. Lapel pins themselves don’t have any purpose, or they don’t have any function. With lapel pins, you simply enhance the outfit.

Enamel Pins can Begin from Boutonnieres.

The tiny lapel hole on the men’s suit was once used to put fresh flowers. In the 16th century, the boutonniere or buttonhole flower became popular and considered a way to eliminate bad luck. On the other hand, in the 19th century, watch chains, jewelry pins, and cigar boxes fixed the buttonhole as a part of daily dressing for men.

Enamel Pins are Brooches

Lapel pins need to be distinguished from the brooches. Anyhow, both are logically the same items. When talking about pins, you may use them as safety pins and sewing machines over pins to join things together, whereas a brooch is simply used to enhance the beauty of your clothing.

Lapel Pins Used to Donate Affiliation

These pins and brooches have a deep history of hundreds of years. In the 16th century, Italian men used to wear a brooch called an enseigne placed on the edge of their hats to show a successful holy pilgrimage and a booster to protect against visiting a specific shrine.

Pins and brooches are the same things in different coverings, and they can be used to show affiliation within a specific group, including military emblem.

Enamel Pins Grow Extremely

You are familiar with the history of enamel pins, you also know about different uses. Today, these pins are used as a fashion symbol and available in several options, including size, shape, designs, and floral enamel pins that relate to buttonholes.

To Sum Up

The history of enamel pins is really exciting, so you don’t need to waste time and effort and find a perfect company that can lead you towards customizing enamel pins.


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