How much is alcohol delivery and what affects the price?

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Deliveries are the easiest and most convenient way to get your things wherever you are. As time goes by, alcohol becomes available to get delivered to your doorstep. But the convenience that delivery service gives you has its price. Compared to purchasing alcohol in a physical store, having it delivered to your doorstep may cost you more dollars, just like food and other things.

Alcohol delivery prices may vary depending on different factors. Here are some.


Your location affects the cost of the delivery fee. If your area is within the proximity of the alcohol delivery service, you may not pay more. But if you are outside the proximity of the delivery service, there might be additional fees. Your address also affects the delivery cost. House addresses that are hard to find sometimes cost more delivery fees.


Products’ weight is also considered as one of the factors that affect the alcohol delivery price. Ordering bulk orders of alcohol is way cheaper if you purchased it online. But the delivery fee cost more compared to ordering a few bottles since it is heavier. Delivery services have weight categories that they follow. Each weight category has a different price range. For example, alcohol orders weighing between 1-3 kg are $3 cheaper than alcohol orders that weigh between 3-5kg. Alcohol is considered a fragile delivery item and needs specific packaging to avoid any damage.

Delivery Time

Alcohol delivery service provides options on the timeframe of the delivery. They have options like express delivery, same-day delivery, holiday delivery, and standard delivery. Express delivery usually is more expensive than the others. This kind of delivery will get your liquor into your doorstep in just a few hours. In standard delivery, you will get your alcohol the following day or on your preferred date.

Depending on your area, some alcohol delivery stores can’t deliver your liquors after a specific time. In Singapore, the Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Act does not allow any store to deliver alcohol in public areas after 10:30 in the evening.


All alcohol, just like any product, has a suggested retail price. After purchasing it from the supplier, the store owner has control of the cost of the alcohol. You may notice that the price of liquor sometimes varies depending on what store you will get it. It can be because of different liquor suppliers or depending on the store name and reputation. Well-known stores with prominent names tend to sell products a bit more expensive than others.

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Each store also has its standards in its delivery service. Some stores may ask you to pay more delivery fees than others for different reasons. Deliveries during holidays cost extra charges. Store policies regarding delivery service vary. You may get various discounts like free delivery or discounts on your bulk orders.

Jarbarlar, an online wine, and alcohol delivery store, offers different options for your alcohol delivery. Their delivery prices vary on your needs. They also offer free deliveries and discounts depending on your order.


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