5 Large Domestic Cat Breeds That You’ll Fall In Love With

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Have you always been fascinated with those extremely large cats that you see either on TV or on the Internet? No, I’m not talking about lions, tigers, pumas, and such. I am actually talking about domesticated felines that just seem too big to be real. Well, let me tell you right away that they are definitely real. There are various cat breeds out there and some of them can get quite big, which means that there is no reason for you to doubt their existence.

Instead of wondering whether the photographs are lying, wouldn’t it be a much better idea for you to actually get properly acquainted with some of those large breeds? This way, you will stop doubting their existence and, who knows, you might even find the next kitten that you want to get and keep at home. Just because specific breeds are large, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t affectionate and loving. So, do yourself a favor and get informed about these breeds before you stop jumping to any conclusions.

In case I have got this all wrong and you are actually a huge fan of large cat breeds, then I apologize. Anyway, that doesn’t change my goal for the day. Below you will find a list of some of the largest domesticated felines and you’ll learn a little something about their character. That way, you can decide if you want to get one of those or not. Here we go.


  • Maine Coon


This list definitely wouldn’t be right if we didn’t start with the cat that looks almost as a lion, not only due to its large size, but also due to its general appearance and the most amazing fur that you’ll ever see. If you are searching for a large feline that you will be mesmerized by the moment you see it, then you should definitely go for the Maine Coon. There’s something almost magical about these creatures that will make you feel as if you were in the possession of something extremely valuable if you decide to get it. Well, that’s because these are quite valuable and, the best part is, they are rather cuddly.

Speaking of cuddly, you might want to get familiar with these breeds: https://www.petsradar.com/news/Cuddly-lap-cat-breeds

You certainly wouldn’t expect such a large and imposing cat to be cuddly and quirky, but that’s precisely what you’ll get if you decide to adopt a Maine Coon. Basically, despite their sort of threatening appearance, these felines are actually extremely friendly and affectionate. On top of that, they can be quite goofy, which means you might just find yourself crying with laughter once you see them play.



  • Ragdoll


A female Ragdoll can weigh up to 15 pounds, while a male one will even be able to reach 20 pounds. That’s pretty big, isn’t it? Well, we are talking about large cats here, so “huge” is certainly what you should expect. In addition to possibly looking like a small dog, due to their weight and height, Ragdolls actually have another dog-like trait. To put it simply, they are extremely devoted to their owners.

Additionally, this breed is rather loving and tender, but without being too demanding. This means that they can get by all on their own if left alone, but that they will be extremely happy to see your face again once you arrive back home. As you can see, that’s another dog-like trait that makes this specific feline perfect for everyone that loves the best of both worlds – i.e. the best of both of these pets in this case.


  • Turkish Van


Here is another large cat that you will absolutely adore. The Turkish Van comes in various sizes and while females can grow up to 12 pounds, the males can, once again, reach an impressive weight of 20 pounds. These felines might appear a little grumpy at first, but that’s actually all a part of their adorable and eccentric characters. Speaking of eccentric, here’s a piece of information that you might not have expected to find in an article about cats.

In simple words, the Turkish Van adores water. While they might not be the only cat breed that loves water, the truth is that this is still quite a rarity in the world of felines. The Turkish Van even has a nickname that supports this claim about water, as it is called “the swimming cat”. Even though this feline might appear grumpy at first, the truth is that it is rather affectionate. Click this to learn which breeds are the most affectionate.


  • Savannah


Savannah is a cross breed between a domestic cat and a Serval. I bet that this information alone is enough to help you understand just how large it can get. To clarify, it can grow up to 25 pounds. This cat is known for being extremely active and full of energy, meaning that it is perfect for those people who don’t like lazy felines. Here’s another fun fact – the Savannah can jump up to 8 feet.


  • The Siberian


Up to 18 inches long and weighing around 20 pounds, the Siberian is another domestic large cat that you will most certainly fall in love with. This is another breed that loves the water, which can be due to its thick fur. The Siberian is also pretty affectionate and loves to cuddle, which means that this animal will probably spend a lot of time in your lap.


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