Tips to Help You Improve Your Business’ Email Security


Email security is incredibly important in the modern business environment. Hackers are constantly innovating – finding new and ingenious ways to pinch sensitive data or directly steal money from organizations by targeting their email addresses. Malicious actors can install malware, ransomware and keyloggers onto systems in order to exploit them. They can also trick employees into giving away their authentication details – which can then be used for thievery and extortion. You need to be prepared to keep your data safe from harm in the ongoing war between hackers and businesses. Here are some quick tips that can help you build an email security plan for your business.

Training Is Key

Nothing does more for your Email Security than good training. The single most-effective way to counter phishing attacks is to make sure that employees don’t click on the links sent by hackers in the first place. Tell-tale signs can indicate that an email has been sent by a hacker. Unfamiliar email addresses, links that don’t correspond to known websites and odd formatting can all be dead giveaways. It is essential that all staff that will be using computers at your business are trained to spot these signs, avoid opening suspicious emails and feel able to report possible attacks. Some security consultancies offer crash courses in email security to staff, which can take the pressure off a business leader if they feel like they don’t quite have enough knowledge on the subject. 

Use An Email Security Platform

Email security services like the one offered by Cyberinc are essentially security additions to your normal business email system. They are an added layer of protection for your business. They help keep your email secure by opening all links in a secure, stand alone browser. They use encryption to protect sensitive data from hackers looking to spear phish their way into your system. Every large business should purchase extra security for their email platform to avoid data breaches. The average data breach costs around $3.8 million. This far outweighs the cost of installing comprehensive email security platforms that can keep you business safe. 

Use Strong Passwords or Biometric Authentication

Hackers have always been one step ahead when it comes to cracking email passwords. They look at the personal data of victims to figure out what secure words they are likely to be using and use deductive reasoning to crack the code. If you really care about your business’ email security, enforce randomly generated passwords as a prerequisite. Better still, incorporate a biometric authentication system to help secure sensitive emails. Biometric authentication can be achieved with face or voice recognition technology, and is by far the most secure way of locking an email account. Biometrics do, however, have their problems. 

They may infringe on the rights of your employees to change or keep private their physical features. They are also not entirely safe from hackers, who can use deep fakes and stolen images to gain access to some biometrically locked accounts.


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