3 reasons why a drug and alcohol rehab center is best for those with two separate addictions!


Sometimes, patients in a treatment program have two separate addictions. Whether it be a mental health disorder and a substance abuse concern, or two substance abuse issues, patients need to find a treatment program that works for their unique needs!

3 reasons to choose a drug and alcohol rehab center for two addictions!

If you find that you or a loved one has two separate addictions, you need to find a rehabilitation center that can address the separate issues, visit site here. Although separate addictions are considered two diseases, oftentimes they are related to one another. A drinking problem can be spurred on by drug use, whereas a mental health problem can be exacerbated by drug use.

Treating comorbid disorders 

Many addicts have co-occurring mental and substance use disorders that go hand in hand. Although doctors and other professionals may think the mental health disorders are a result of drug use, oftentimes this is the cause of drug use in the first place. Impulsive behavior from certain mental disorders, or depression from other disorders, can bring on excessive drug use and substance abuse.

It is very common for those with addiction issues to also suffer from mental illness – much more than we think! Just over 9 million people in the United States alone suffer from co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Out of the 9 million people suffering from this comorbid condition, nearly half of these people who seek treatment have another disorder to address at the same time. 

Since the prevalence of a dual diagnosis in people who seek treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab is so high, the therapists and professionals in these treatment centers need to be well-equipped and educated to treat those with two disorders. The best approach for these patients is to have an integrated approach that works for both conditions, such as using a treatment plan including a psychiatrist, therapist, medical staff, and comprehensive plan. 

By using a comprehensive plan and treatment method for both disorders, the patient can benefit from an improved quality of life, less trouble with the law, increased housing stability, improved mental state, decreased hospitalization rate, and a reduction of substance use. 

A long-term approach to treatment

The second reason why you should find a drug and alcohol rehab center for those with two disorders is the long-term approach with the treatment plan. Instead of finding quick fixes for a single addiction, patients with two conditions need consistent and long-term treatment from personalized programs and therapists that understand the troubles of having a mental problem and substance use disorder.

Personalized treatment

The final aspect of why patients should go to a drug and alcohol rehab center to treat two addictions is to find personalized treatment for their specific problem. Everyone is different – and the same goes for two addicts who are seeking help.


As you can see, finding a drug and alcohol rehab center with the proper tools, personalized programs, educated therapists, a long-term approach to treatment, and a customized plan for co-existing disorders is crucial to treating patients with two separate addictions. 


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