Why Bongs Might Be the Best Choice for New Cannabis Smokers


If you are new to smoking cannabis, it may be best to find a smoking method that is more amateur-friendly but still delivers the effect that you want. Since there are various methods or ways of smoking cannabis, it can be challenging for a beginner to choose the method that fits them best.

Also known by slang terms such as billy, bubbler, or binger, bongs are pipe-like devices that have been around for centuries. The name is believed to originate from the Thai word “baung,” a bamboo tube used for smoking weed.

See more about the breakdown of why bongs are the best choice for new cannabis smokers.

1. They Have Better Filtration

When you light anything on fire, it produces carcinogens that can be harmful when inhaled. Though bongs cannot completely remove the toxins and carcinogens, they can greatly reduce the number of harmful compounds that end up in your lungs when you smoke. 

The toxins are filtered through the water in the bong. The water also filters out harmful combustion byproducts such as tar. 

Swallowing ash is an unpleasant effect that comes with smoking. However, when you use a bong, the tar and ash particles will remain in the water, and you will have a cleaner smoking experience.   

2. Bongs Deliver Smoother Hits

As a beginner, smoking cannabis can be quite challenging because it can cause irritation to your throat. When you smoke using dry pipes, joints, or blunts, the hot vapor enters directly into your lungs, producing an unpleasant burning feeling that can discourage newbies.

However, bong water helps cool down the smoke before you inhale it, delivering a smoother hit in the process. Though you may still cough from the slight irritation, using a bong is much healthier and smoother for any beginner. 

3. A Bong Delivers Powerful, Instant Hits

Glass bongs are a favorite among several experienced cannabis smokers. This is because it allows smokers to take a huge rip. You can fill the bong chamber with smoke and inhale it all in one hit. Despite its size, the hit is made smoother by the water, meaning you will not have a tough time inhaling it. 

Though taking bigger hits is not one of the healthiest ways of smoking cannabis, it can be fun when done with a bong. However, if you are a beginner, you should try to inhale as much smoke as you can handle at a time.

4, They Reduce Bacteria and Mold

Cannabis users tend to pass around bongs, pipes, and joints as they smoke. This could mean passing on infections and maybe even contagious illnesses. However, bong water traps mold and bacteria, reducing the number of microbes you inhale that can get to your lungs. 

If you have to share the mouthpiece, wipe it off with an alcohol swab before passing it to the next smoker.

The Bottom Line

Bongs offer a great smoking experience, especially for beginners. They are fun, have extra filtration, and will give you a smoother experience.  

To ensure that you take good care of your bong, change the bong water between your smoking sessions and clean the device each week with Epsom salt and alcohol to keep it clean from contaminants such as mold and bacteria that could ruin your smoking experience. 


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