7 Dress Styles Every Fashionable Woman Should Add to Their Wardrobe


There are endless options when it comes to finding a dress from your wardrobe to wear for any occasion. But certain kinds of dresses are more flattering to certain body types, weather, and events. Tackling the choices available can be overwhelming. This article discusses all the dress types you should know.

1. Off the shoulder

Expose your shoulders with an off-shoulder dress. This dress style exhibits your shoulders with a sleeve or ruffle design on the arm. The off-shoulder aesthetic is ideal for those who want to expose their shoulders and arms but don’t want to fully commit to a strapless look.

2. Shift dress

Shift dresses were popular in the 1960s. It has a streamlined and boxy shape. This type of dress is short with a sleeve design that hangs from the shoulders. It is a perfect option for those women who have a lean body since it creates a straight silhouette. You can kick up the look of this dress with a mid-length jacket or a pair of heels for an authentic 1960s flair. It is also a perfect blank canvas for colour blocks and print details.

3. Midi dress

A midi dress is halfway between the maxi dress and a mini dress. It is the dress you should opt for in semi-formal events. This dress can be designed with any type of neckline or sleeve. You can accessorize it with boots for a wintertime look or flats and a straw hat for a cool summer look.

4. A-line dress

An A-line fits snugly at the hip area and then gradually flares near the hem. Thus, the dress looks like the shape of an A. It is your best choice for casual events, and you can dress it up or down effortlessly. It is suitable for pear-shaped body types since it helps expose lovely shoulders and accentuates the lower body.

5. Mini dress 

There used to be a lot of scandals surrounding the mini dress. In the modern era, mini dresses are not that short nor as scandalous looking compared to yesteryears. But it is still a head-turner that helps you display your fabulous legs. This dress is best for anyone who wants to emphasize their pins and make the world stop and take a look.

6. Maxi dress

Maxi dresses provide effortless style, and you can spend your day at the beach or near the pool wearing one. This style is perfect for casual settings. However, keep in mind that the fabric reaches the floor and gives off the sense that you are dressed up. Make it a perfect laid-back outfit by accessorizing it with sandals and chunky jewellery. Everyone you encounter will wish they were as stylish as you.

7. Wrap dress

The wrap dress is a front closure and wraps on one side of the dress across the other area. The fabric is either tied to the waist or back. This style has a classy silhouette which is ideal for athletic body types. It creates an illusion of an hourglass body shape, even if it is not your natural body type.

There are numerous fashionable dress styles that accentuate your best asset. As a fashionable woman, it is crucial to know every type of dress and add these styles to your closet to look your best on any occasion.


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