How to make a mobile game?

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Smartphones are now strong enough to compete for gamblers’ attention. As a result, mobile games currently account for 51% of worldwide gaming revenue, with console and PC games following closely after. And the production of mobile games has become a profitable service sector.

However, not every game is a masterpiece. It is not enough to just develop something that is comparable to what has already proven successful and won accolades. Before turning a concept into a fully working product, market research is required. Top-rated mobile games made ten times more money in 2019 than games with ordinary ratings.

Make your plan.

The quality of your planning, or the lack thereof, can make or break your game. You need to know what you want to produce before you start developing your first game. Is it a side-scrolling game? Is this a puzzle game? Or are you a racer? Is it going to be 2D or 3D? Take the time to jot down ideas, create distinctive characters, experiment with various visual styles, and consider the sort of gameplay that would make your game enjoyable.

Begin with considering your concept, since this is a crucial stage that will contribute to your long-term success. Keep in mind that seasoned game developers have previously incorporated dozens of concepts, so you’ll need to provide something unique, or something familiar wrapped in a fresh package. The most important thing is to focus on a large audience and keep in mind the individuals who will participate in the novelty you have produced.

Decide what your product will be and who it will be for before you start making mobile game. Pick a genre: arcade, simulation, action, strategy, or role-playing game. Consider your target demographic: do you want to appeal to youthful or middle-aged people? After you’ve answered these questions, you can continue on to the next step.

Choose your software.

Developers have access to a variety of powerful environments, applications, and tools thanks to the game business. Unity, Unreal Engine, and AppGameKit are three of the most popular mobile game development engines.


A comprehensive development environment that includes tools for creating multiplatform games. There are several functionalities, pre-installed models, textures, and documentation included. This platform is used by developers to construct all types of games, from simple to AAA. Advantages of Unity for mobile game development:

  • Objects are created and various components are added to them.
  • Graphics editor that works.
  • For quick debugging, there’s a built-in play mode.
  • Multiple platforms, APIs, and technologies are supported.

Unreal Engine

It’s a game engine developed by Epic Games. A tried-and-true engine for making AAA games in particular. It is used by world-class game developers as the foundation for their creations. It enables you to create games that are compatible with a wide range of platforms.

Traditional C ++ and Blueprints visual scripts, which help you rapidly figure out the game logic, are the two major tools used to build a mobile game using the Unreal Engine. The engine is built to work with both large and small game productions.


A comprehensive suite of tools for developing mobile games for a variety of platforms. Any independent developer studio will find this useful.

AppGameKit’s advantages include many ready-made solutions for quick creation.

  • Compiler that is quick.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Tools for monetization are built in.

Create Your Graphic Assets

When it comes to incorporating graphics into your games, you have two options: create them yourself in Photoshop (for 2D graphics) or Maya or 3ds Max (for 3D graphics) (for 3D graphics).

Hire a graphic designer to help you with your visuals. There are several websites dedicated to assisting you in finding a designer that can provide you with the appearance you desire. For instance, have a look at

Launch Your Game App

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Knowing how to build a mobile game isn’t enough. In order for it to be successful, players must want to play it. If you take a few more steps, your game will be able to compete.

  • Ensure that your game does not pixelate.
  • Make the controls as basic as possible.
  • Create a narrative that is both intriguing and entertaining.
  • Use music that is both entertaining and non-distracting to set the tone.
  • Test, test, and test some more.

Release your game.

Inexperienced game designers frequently make the mistake of striving too hard to make the game perfect, leading the game’s release to be delayed. It’s best to get the game out the door as quickly as possible. If it becomes popular, you may keep improving the game by providing updates. You’ll need to set aside money for marketing if you want to generate money from your game.

Now that you have a basic grasp of how to build a mobile game, keep learning. Continuously improve yourself, and you will be recognized in the end.


These are just basic tips. Once you start developing, you will face many challenges. But is a person afraid of difficulties if he seriously wants to do something?



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