Martin Luther King in Fortnite: Weird but Educational

809 Martin Luther King in Fortnite Weird But Educational

Fortnite is more than just a game at this point. Epic’s strategy of pursuing all sorts of collaborations for Fortnite has only become more voracious over time. Simply put, they will absorb everything and anything they can get their hands on. Video game characters? Check. Famous singers? Check. Superheroes from the DC and Marvel franchise? You got it. The Fortnite Item Shop has become a smorgasbord of all kinds of skins, and whether players perceive it as good or bad is up to them. But this time, Epic has taken a hard right turn in terms of bringing new stuff up for the battle royale. This is arguably the most bizarre collaboration that the community has ever seen. March Through Time, Fortnite’s newest interactive experience, is made in partnership with Time Studios where it features Martin Luther King. Now that’s a name that people don’t expect to see in a video game. Find out what to expect when exploring March Through Time here.

The Collab with Time Magazine

The March Through Time interactive experience was made in collaboration with Time Studios or better known as Time Magazine. Now, this is a huge name to appear in just a video game. Although one might argue that video games are a billion-dollar industry compared to before, a name such as Time Magazine isn’t one that gamers would expect to pop up in Fortnite. Sure, Epic has all sorts of skins available in the Fortnite Item Shop, but this is something that’s way out of bounds compared to the past collaborations that they’ve done.

March Through Time is based on the 1963 March on Washington D.C. for Jobs and Freedom. Simply put, it’s a civil-rights gathering that gained widespread support thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King. The experience also lets players listen to Dr. Martin Luther’s most iconic I Have A Dream speech, which was almost 60 years ago, in full length.

What Players Can Expect in March Through Time

March Through Time recreates certain locations in Washington D.C. where players can expect to visit museum exhibit-like areas that further detail the history of the US civil rights movement. Teleported to 1963, players can explore the Lincoln Memorial and even the National Mall where Martin Luther delivered the I Have A Dream speech calling for civil rights. 

It’s quite jarring to see Epic Games being involved in such an exhibition. Even if this isn’t the first time Fortnite hosted some serious content, it still boggles the mind. A prime example of the past content the Epic released for Fortnite which wasn’t all fun and games was the No Combat Party Royale mode where the event broadcasted a series of programs to fight against voter suppression and racism.

March Through Time is also loosely linked to the 2020 VR experience The March, according to Time Studios. Even non-gaming companies these days embrace some aspects of video games and how they could impact the world for the better, and as stated by Ian Orefice, the company president of Time Studios, their goal is to embrace innovative formats such as VR to be able to tell the world’s most impactful stories. March Through Time is Time Studios’ first-ever gaming experience, and to have it in Fortnite Creative is nothing short of amazing.

Does This Mean More Serious Collabs for Fornite from Now On?

It’s still unsure as to whether the steps Epic has been taking to release more serious content would impact their collaborations later on. Fortnite has always been colorful and fun for the most part, and while serious topics are being talked about in the game or two, the battle royale is generally no fuss or frills game. What’s especially ironic though is that Epic is currently involved in a lawsuit concerning the appropriation of Black artists’ dance moves.


The March Through Time event begs the question of whether momentous happenings during the past are being lifted and highlighted as one of the historical moments in the world or is instead being placed in an absurdist context where the meaning and the weight is being seen only as a trivia. Fortnite Battle Royale doesn’t seem to have an answer for that at the moment, but there are still so much more events and skins in the Fortnite Item Shop to come in the game anyway, so Epic still has some time. What do you think of the March Through Time event that’s made by Epic and Time Studios? Let us know down below.

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