Things you need to know about directory submission in SEO

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Directory submission is one of the most important areas in the field of SEO optimization. To do your SEO optimization in the right way, you must be learning about all the nooks and corners of it.  Directory submission is one of such important areas that works as a basic aspect for off-page SEO optimization. It ultimately benefits in attracting better traffic to your page, which ultimately excels your strategy for SEO optimization. You can avail your services from Dallas SEO to get the benefit of the Directory submission for your SEO. Here is what you need to know about the directory submission, which ultimately strengthens your SEO performance.

What is directory submission for SEO?

The directory submission refers to the practice of the submission of the website URL and the details of it on the web in the form of a directory under a specific category. It is a particular way that is highly focused on improving link building. It is one of the very popular factors for4 off-page SEO which helps better to optimize your website.

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These directories include the submission of your website. In case you are having a site related to any particular niche, then you can submit your site under that particular category which will help you gain the backlinks. The directories are having quite a kind of close resemblance to the phone directory, which includes the list of websites for each of the categories. 

What are the various types of directory submissions? 

The directory submission usually comes up with three of the types which have a great impact on your SEO optimization tactics. Here are the three types of Directory submission. 

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– Free or regular web listing: It comes as free for the Directory Submission, which does not include any charges for the regular submission. But at the same time, it comes with the approval of the Administrator. 

– Paid or featured web listing: in this kind of directory submission, the owner of the Directory will charge a fee for the Submissions to approve your link. It helps you better to gain the backlinks from this kind of submission.

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– Reciprocal web listing:  In this kind of directory submission, the reciprocal link needs to be submitted to your site during the activation of the Directory Link. Then the directory administrator will ultimately approve your link. 

What is the importance of directory submission in SEO?  

The directory submission comes up with multiple benefits for SEO. It is highly important for you when you want to improve your backlink gaining possibilities. Here is why it is highly important for your SEO.

Let’s you gain better traffic

With directory submission, you can get the ultimate benefit of better traffic generation to your website. A very efficient web directory can improve your web traffic. It had the potential to increase your traffic up to 150%.

It makes you highly visible 

With directory submission, you can simply easily reach out to a better number of audiences. As you submit your website to a directory, your audience becomes aware of the name of your website. If you become successful in impressing them with your content, then they will very likely click on your link.

Improves your backlinking possibilities  

With your SEO, you must be getting the proper backlinking which ultimately improves your site authority. Hence with the directory submission, you will get better backlinks which will ultimately improve the quality of your site.

Faster indexing 

It takes a lot of time for webmasters to prepare the site for indexing on Google. But with directory submission, you can do it faster. As you submit your site to the directory, it improves your chances of getting more access to a large number of audiences who will hit your link again and again. It improves your chances of getting indexed faster.

Better anchor text gaining 

While you submit your site to the directories, you ultimately get the choice to set the title of your preference. It is simply a great chance to put your keywords in the anchor text, which will ultimately help you to secure a higher rank on Google and the other search engines.


So if you are thinking of escalating your SEO accuracy, then the directory submission for your site can be your ultimate strategy. Thus working on it will be the ultimate good choice that you can make to improve the efficiency of your site’s off-site SEO.

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