The best gifting options for a liquor connoisseur


Australians consumed over 191 million litres of alcohol over a year. That makes it about two standard drinks every day for a person above 15. For a nation that loves its liquor so much, it’s no surprise that alcohol features 3rd on the list of popular gift items, after money and gift cards. So this pandemic, go ahead and make someone’s day by ordering an alcohol delivery directly to their doorstep. 

If you want to be traditional:

Champagne: Nothing announces luxury as gracefully as champagne. Its subtle aromatics and freshness make it the best gift for a wedding or a congratulatory event. What better way to celebrate life than with a flute of effervescent joie-de-vivre? 

In particular, look for macerated pink champagne. Also known as the Rosé de saignée champagne, it is made using the delicate saignée method. The grapes are allowed just a little longer to say goodbye to their skins. It enables the skin to infuse its colour and flavour into this rich liquor. Rosé de saignée champagnes have a vinous character and pair exceptionally well with food.

Whiskey: A perfectly aged, dark, high malted grain whiskey is an all-time favourite. You know the whiskey will feel heavenly when you breathe in a deep, inviting aroma. Go ahead and gift this invigorating experience to your father – you know he’ll love it. Bond over a glass of fine whiskey, sold in gorgeous collectible bottles.  

Wines: If you are on the lookout for a house-warming gift, look no further than a bottle of a well-crafted wine. Make your recipients think of you every time they pop open the cork for a lovely dinner. 

Look for a perfectly balanced wine. It must have a flattering combination of sweetness, acidity, and tannin. Sweetness is the tingly residue you feel at the tip of your tongue, acidity refers to the sharpness of the wine, and tannin is usually described as astringent. 

If you don’t mind being experimental:

Vodka:  Does your friend swear by the Cosmopolitan? Then, gifting a pure crystal bottle full of exquisite vodka is a great idea. Did you know there are vodkas made of grapes? Premium grape vodka is distilled 11 times and then filtered four times through charcoal. The process gives it a sophisticated and smooth taste. It lends itself easily to be consumed neat, over ice, or as the underlying base for an exceptional cocktail.

Gin: Like a faithful gin-in-a-bottle, a great gin creates the best cocktails. It is called gin because it’s made from junipers, or genévrier, in French. The juniper that goes into making the gin determines its ultimate quality. In Australia, you can choose Botanical Gins that add a uniquely local twist to the gin by using a unique blend of botanicals with orra root, angelica root and lemon peel.  

For a more anchored taste, you can choose Dry Gin, which has no added sugars. Any sweetness in it comes from the blend of herbs.   

Premixes: Have you concocted a Martini so good that it would make Agent 007 smile with glee? But it is challenging to replicate that perfect blend again. Well, then premixes are the gift you should be giving yourself. Top alcohol delivery services offer a range of award-winning cocktail premixes. They are batch-made and bottled to give you a consistent taste every time you pour out your drink. Check with your suppliers if there’s a discount for bulk orders, as they make for perfect return gifts. 

Whether it is Father’s day, your brother’s wedding, Christmas, your spouse’s birthday, or even celebrating your best friend’s promotion, there’s a drink for the occasion! Order your favourite alcohol and share the joy with your friends and family.


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