8 Tips to Keep Your Wood Heater Safe and Burning


No home feels comfy when it is cold. Moreover, the woodfire heaters are the focal point of many homes, and that’s where the people sit and talk for hours. There’s something about the traditional heaters that the modern air conditioning can’t give. The crackling sound of wood and the light from the fire filling the room with warmth is the homely feel one wants.

So, to ensure that your heater works fine throughout the years, you need to do some maintenance now and then, as it helps to keep the heater working and safe to use. This is important since there are many cases where the heater causes a lot of damage to the house because of the low maintenance and carelessness of the family members.

There are many steps to keep the heater clean and functioning, and this article will explain the eight essential tips to keep your wood-burning heater safe and efficient throughout the year.

1. Only Use Cured/Dry Wood

Make sure you use the logs that are split and stacked for at least 12 months. Keep the logs in a dry place where there is a proper flow of air. Also, only get the hardwoods such as white oak, hickory, sugar maple, white ash burn, etc., as these are best for the heater.

2. Only Use Fire Wood

The logs, such as lumber, construction scraps, crates, painted wood, etc., will release chemicals when they burn. And, this will pollute the whole house and make it tough to breathe. So, to avoid these toxic chemicals, only use the firewood that is specially made for burning purposes.

3. Regulate the Temperature With the Damper

The damper is what stops the heat from going to the chimney, and when you close the damper, the heat will spread in the hall and other rooms. And if the temperature reaches the desired level, you can close the bifold door to contain the heat.

4. Use Bifold Doors Properly

Get enough heat into the room and close the bifold door to avoid overheating. The bifold doors are also seen as a safety feature as it prevents children from putting their hands near the heater.

5. Get a Chimney Cap

You would have seen chimneys of many houses having a cap on the top. Every chimney has a cap nowadays, and it is necessary to prevent rain and snow from falling into the heater. Moreover, the cap is significant for the chimneys with bigger diameters as the possibility of snow entering those chimneys is high, and it will put down the fire immediately.

6. Replace Traditional/Old Damper

The old dampers can’t function up to the level of new ones, and the old ones will have breakage and holes. So, to properly control the heat, you must buy and install a new damper.

7. Install Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in the main hall and nearby rooms for protecting yourself and your family from these dangerous gases.

8. Get the Chimney Cleaned Twice a Year

Chimneys are always rusty and dirty with charcoal and dust. And after some time, it becomes clogged by the dirt, and the emission of smoke from the chimney becomes less with each passing day. Meanwhile, cleaning the chimney twice a year will definitely help the woodfire heaters to function at their full potential. A clean and unclogged path will let the smoke pass through easily and fast.

These tips will assist you in keeping the heater safe and working all the time. Besides, if you follow these steps, the safety of your house and family is guaranteed.


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