Things to Know About When Using Loading Bays in a Sydney Construction Project


Starting a business in the construction industry in Sydney can be difficult because of the many well-established construction companies. Some of the companies made their presence known by many by constructing buildings like the 240m Deutsche Bank Place, one of the 1,168 skyscrapers in all of Sydney. Besides the Deutsche Bank Place, you also have the International Towers in Bangaroo that stands around 271m and houses 23,000 workers every day.

If you focus on loading bays, they are one of the most important pieces of equipment that many construction companies should use when building tall structures. Before you search for a loading bay hire in sydney, you may need to think about multiple things to ensure you do not regret hiring them.

Choosing an Effective Spot

Keep in mind that you cannot randomly place a loading bay anywhere on-site for many reasons. One reason is that there might be construction workers near the loading bay, and they might sustain heavy injuries because they were unaware of the equipment. It is a must that you plan it out with all contractors and decide where to place the loading bay equipment strategically.  

Once you find the right spot to position the loading bay on, you should be able to eliminate future issues from happening, such as blocking roads for construction vehicles to pass through and avoiding hitting other heavy construction equipment. Also, you have to determine where the lifts are located on the structure because the loading bay might accidentally hit it. Usually, when you find a loading bay hire in sydney, they can guide you in choosing the perfect spot to place it on.

Keep in mind that installing a lift and placing a loading bay on your Sydney construction site can be a huge problem to deal with. Even if the loading bay operator is aware of the lift, workers might suddenly use them at a random time, causing both to hit and cause severe problems. There is also a big chance that the people inside the lift might sustain injuries, depending on how heavy the damage is. 

A good tip when using lifts and loading bays simultaneously within a Sydney construction site is by placing them as far from each other as possible. If your site does not have enough space to separate them both, you need to appoint a person to give warnings whenever someone uses the lift or the loading bay. 

Carrying Out On-Site Safety Precautions

Another thing to know about loading bays is that construction teams in Sydney have to implement safety precautions that each worker must understand. They are implemented for the sole purpose of guiding everyone within the worksite when around the loading bay. Note that it is a heavy piece of construction equipment, so workers need to be aware and learn how to move around when they are near it. 

Some safety precautions you can implement is to clear the loading bay’s perimeter of any person or debris when it is working. Another is removing anyone underneath the platform to ensure no accidents happen if the platform plummets to the ground. However, you should have no issues with your loading bay when you find a reliable company in Sydney like Preston Hire that provides high-quality loading bays. 

The ones mentioned above are a few of the many important things to think about when using loading bays for your construction project in Sydney. 


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