5 Clothing Styles That You Can Opt For During Menstruation


Dressing during your period can make you feel very uncomfortable. The cramps you have during your period prevent you from moving away from a place where you feel comfortable. It is hard to pick an outfit that makes you feel confident and offers comfort. You want to look fashionable, but it’s tough to choose a dress when you have a period. One thing we can all agree on is that comfortable activewear is perfect during menstruation.

The dress should make you feel comfortable and also protect you in the case of an unexpected leak. You can wear period underwear under your clothes to give you complete protection. It allows you to go about your everyday life without getting your clothes stained. Here are some clothes that can keep you feeling comfortable on the days you are menstruating.

Oversized, dark clothes

Soft clothing provides comfort and warmth when you feel miserable and experience excruciating pain. It is better to choose loose-fitting and dark-coloured clothes. Oversized t-shirts with baggy pants are a good option for your period days. Dark colours help you to hide the occasional stains and make the stains invisible. If you need to go out, a dark-coloured palazzo can keep you airy and comfortable.


Wearing dark and thick jeans keeps you safe. Jeans that fit you comfortably will keep the pad or tampon in place without slipping to one side. It is best not to opt for tight, skin-fitting jeans. Leggings don’t restrict your movements, and they can become your best friend during your period. When you wear jeans with long shirts and tops, it can prevent your pad lines from showing. Layering clothes allows you to wear fitted clothes even when you are menstruating.

Underwear for period

The best thing to protect you from stains is period underwear. You can wear it under all clothes like skirts, baggy pants, and jeans. It keeps you dry and comfortable and relieves you from the problems caused by wearing a pad or tampon. Though they look like regular underwear, they are designed to keep moisture away from your skin by soaking up the blood. The moisture-wicking fabric traps the liquid and keeps it from leaking into your clothes. It comes in different absorbency levels, and you can choose a pair that works best for you.

How to manage period pain

Take a warm bath.

Try to use a heating pad on the lower abdomen or lower back.

Do light exercises like yoga and walking.

Drink enough water to stay hydrated.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Avoid processed and high sodium food.

Limit your caffeine intake.

Get a good sleep and allow your body to rest.

Benefits of period underwear

Safe and hygienic

It absorbs the blood and keeps you feeling fresh and dry. It doesn’t harm your body in any way and prevents unpleasant odour and yeast infections. The most significant advantage is that you can wash it, dry it and reuse it. Some can hold heat packs to reduce the cramps.


This underwear doesn’t have any chemicals or plastic material in it. It saves the environment because it can be washed and need not be thrown into the bin. They are less bulky, and you can carry them easily while travelling.

With each passing day, the concern over Central hygiene is increasing. Period underwear is highly versatile and helpful because it promotes better hygiene and ensures a sustainable environment. It is easy to use and light enough to carry with you while travelling. One pair can last for nearly two years when they are maintained well. You get several benefits by using them. Stop worrying about your period and stay confident all through the year.


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