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There Is no better feeling than winning your favorite games and also making little money on the side. This is one of the major reasons why the gaming industry is witnessing a boom in the last few years. Even before the global pandemic, the popularity of online games, especially for games like poker, was at its peak. However, the post-pandemic situation further escalated the demand for online games which is why the introduction of games like Ludo, carrom, other card games, etc., took place.

One of the fastest-growing games online today is poker, with over 30 million registered players online. 

So, if you are wondering the reasons why online gaming is getting popular day by day, let us discuss it below.

  • One of the major reasons why online gaming platforms are garnering the given acknowledgment and importance is the affordability of playing games of your choice, without spending a lot of money.
  • Similarly, instead of spending a lot of money buying new games, you make money by winning cash prizes when you play online games on different platforms like GetMega.
  • Another reason why it is so popular today is that it has games for all age groups and genders, making it the perfect activity to kill time and enjoy to your fullest by playing the games of your choice.
  • The fact that you can play online games at the convenience of your home or any part of the world is another reason that contributes to the growing upward growth trend for online games and platforms.

Given the increasing number of players for online gaming, which at present stands at 135 million, multiple different online platforms have been introduced, especially for gaming purposes, to help all potential audiences to have a base to play their favorite games on. There are platforms that focus on just some games and then there are some platforms that have a range of different games, targeting different age groups, to reach out to a bigger group of online players. One such platform is TapTap

All About TapTap

If you are a fan of online gaming, you must have come across an interesting platform called TapTap that offers a big list of different games that you can play online with the convenience of your home with people from all different parts of the world. Let us discuss some of the top features of TapTap to understand why it is a popular choice with online gamers. 

Top Features

  • The first and the most important reason behind the popularity of TapTap is the 24/7 leaderboard availability that updates on a regular basis to inform the players about the current ranks and positions.
  • With this, the wide variety of games available on the platform with different contests and tournaments make it a top choice for the players. There are three types of tournaments including the regular one, the turbulent and then the freezeout.
  • On TapTap, you can only go up on the leaderboard by winning the different tournaments of different levels as the players on the top ranks are the only ones liable to get cash rewards.
  • The design of the platform is very minimal, increasing the user experience with interesting color combinations to allow the players not to get distracted by competing in the tournaments.
  • According to the players’ community at TapTap, the quality of the games on the user experience is high, even though you do not get the horizontal view of the games on the platform. Moreover, the platform ensures no trolling and incorrect ranking to ensure everyone gets equal right to play and reach the top rank to earn cash prizes.
  • The gameplay is very simple as the main intention is to give the players maximum entertainment. It supports an advanced user experience and is good at the placement of the points and the rules of every game to ensure no player gets carried away or confused.
  • Unlike other online platforms, TapTap has a specific environment process that requires your PAN card for verification along with another ID verification, which is issued by the government to ensure only real players are participating and winning on the platform.
  • The platform is safe and effectively reduces all potential distractions while gaming with the help of its improved user experience and gaming opportunities. Moreover, it uses a multi-language developer in the backend to allow convenient interactions between players at all times during the game or tournaments.

The ease of playing games on tablets, laptops, or mobile phones is one of the major contributing factors to the growth of this industry.

Along with TapTap, there are other online gaming platforms that offer a wide range of games including poker, ABC rummy, go pool, etc., and one such platform is GetMega that is known for its unique and precise user interface. GetMega also focuses on providing a quality experience to the gamers to encourage them to come back. Additionally, it also offers referral bonuses as well as signup rewards to convince players to stay put and call their friends and family members to join as well.

Overall, to conclude, the concept of online platforms to play your favorite games and make some money along with additional rewards is a win-win situation for everyone. No matter your age or the amount of time you have, you can fit in online games easily in your schedule as per your requirement. It is an activity that keeps your mind sane and helps you feel more relaxed during hectic days. 


The online gaming community is one of the fastest-growing ones with gamers from all different parts of the world coming together to play games like poker for instance. Additionally, you also get the opportunity to network and socialize with different players, while improving your expertise in the game of your choice. So, do not wait and take the plunge and join online platforms like TapTap or GetMega who experience the thrill of playing online and making money, and earning other rewards, all from the convenience of your house. The global pandemic further highlighted the need for a little time for yourself and what better than playing games to kill time and feel better.


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