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Boom trucks have proved to be very beneficial in this modern era. It has more control while lifting loads, is safer and is very common in Australia. These trucks can carry heavier loads than other trucks, usually up to 54 tons. Also, the booms of these trucks are longer than others, making them capable of picking things from a distance of 160 or 180 feet roughly. These trucks have also been equipped with modern technologies that have increased the machine’s precision and accuracy. Boom trucks for sale are very common in Australia. These are the leading machines for big industries and businesses setting up these days. Everyone looks for easy work, and these promise that. Let’s discuss these more to get a perfect idea before investing in them.

What is a boom truck?

To describe it in simple words, it is a modern crane, usually a mounted crane. This allows various loads to be lifted. It is usually a hydraulic crane with a winch that enables the lifting of heavyweights. There are some boom trucks, which have a flatbed. These are used for transportation to the job site. Some trucks come along with hoist attachments for lifting. 

Where are boom trucks used?

1. Construction: In construction, these are used for transporting materials. They are also used for an outpouring of workers. 

2. Utility services: Rescue and fire operations, power supply companies, etc., use these trucks for carrying out their daily work.

3. HVAC Companies: Heavy HVAC loads are lifted by these boom trucks. 

Advantages of Boom trucks:

  • Multitasking: Quick and smooth work needs to be done for big companies. Regular trucks can be very time-consuming, and they do not help with multitasking. These trucks make the job quicker and are smoother to work with. One can also multitask with the boom trucks. 
  • Flexible: One can always choose the most efficient and best job work. One can also rent a boom truck to not be too heavy on the pocket.
  • Mobile: Cranes require exceptional transportation contemplations, whereas boom trucks are similar to regular trucks, with better functionalities. There wouldn’t be a problem using these trucks on public roads or highways. They are also quick to move from one place to other, unlike cranes that need a lot of travel time to reach a particular destination. 
  • Transport Loads: Due to the modern functionalities like flatbeds that the boom trucks are equipped with, they can carry a lot of transport at once. It is also easy to operate.
  • Easy control: Due to their versatile nature, boom trucks can carry multiple tasks at once. Loading and unloading cranes can be a daunting task, whereas, in the case of boom trucks, carrying materials is easy and requires less space. 
  • Reduced costs: Cranes require huge setups for carrying loads, whereas boom trucks are convenient and do not. This reduces the number of labours needed for the project. These save labour charges, and due to their exceptional features, they can also be used in carrying out several different functions.

If one is looking for boom trucks for sale in Australia, they can check out custom trucks. They offer various rental options and used and new sales of equipment. They also have tooling supplies and aftermarket sales and provide exceptional service. They also have services like remanufacturing and customization.


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