Taking Care Of Diabetic Feet With The Help Of Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks

When a person hears the term “diabetic socks” for the first time, they can’t help but wonder whether this is Australia’s new ploy to exploit diabetic patients. Contrary to what people have to say, buying bulk diabetic socks and wearing them as part of normal footwear has been found to have enormous benefits. Plus, the growing market for diabetic socks not only in Australia but all over the world, might also be convincing data for its authenticity. 

Diabetes In Australia

1.2 million Australians suffered from diabetes according to a survey conducted in the years 2017-2018. Being a severe chronic illness, it can affect the most important organs of the body if it’s not treated at the earliest.

  1. Diabetes can affect the body’s natural ability tool produce insulin. In this way, the mechanism to counter the sugar levels in the blood changes and the insulin produced will be in less quantity. 
  1. With the lack of insulin, the body turns to other hormones to help convert sugar into energy. This creates an imbalance that can affect the digestive system and induce extreme levels of thirst and a tendency to produce more urine. 
  1. Diabetes can damage the endocrine systems by changing the way the kidney functions. If left untreated, it can lead to renal failure and permanent damage to the kidneys. 
  1. High blood pressure levels are also prevalent among diabetic patients, affecting the cardiac system and its rhythm. Blood flow gets restricted over time and the vessels can get hardened, increasing the chances for a stroke or cardiac arrest. 
  1. It can also affect the central nervous system of the body and also the skin, causing nerve damage and normal sensations to get mixed up. 

The problems involved with the nervous system and the circulatory system for diabetic patients can reach down to the feet. As a result, people buy bulk diabetic socks to counter the problems of less blood flow. Two major issues can arise as a result of diabetic feet: 

  1. Nerve Damage: Diabetic patients will no longer feel the change in temperature or touch using their toes or feet. Consequently, any cuts or sores that may happen will be left unchecked leading to infections. Due to lack of nerve control, muscles won’t function properly leading to misalignment and lack of stability. 
  1. Lack Of Blood Flow: When cuts and sores happen, as mentioned before, the lack of blood flow may make it longer for the wounds to heal. This can lead to the formation of ulcers or tissue death. 

What Are The Common Problems Of Diabetic Feet?

Most Aussies laden with diabetic feet exhibit these common problems: 

  1. Germs can enter the open sores or cuts leading to an infection popularly known as an athletes foot. 
  1. There’s a high chance that diabetic feet can lead to infection of the nails.
  1. Build up of skin in the form of calluses or corns are also common. This can happen due to uneven weight distribution or improper fit of the shoes. 
  1. Ingrown toenails, dry skin, bunions or blisters are also among the common foot problems that afflicted diabetic patients in Australia exhibit. 

Benefits Of Diabetic Socks

To counter the problem of diabetic feet, patients are recommended to wear diabetic socks to protect their feet. These are their benefits:

  1. Diabetic socks have no seams to prevent the feet from rubbing against them and creating sores or cuts. Plus, they also have an extra layer of padding to cover the wounds in case the cuts do happen. This is beneficial for those who walk a lot or do work that involves a lot of physical activity. 
  1. Unlike regular socks that tighten around the ankles or the legs, diabetic socks allow the free flow of blood to the feet. This improves the circulation of blood and makes it easier for the feet to remain warm. 
  1. Most of the diabetic socks sold in Australia come in light colours so that patients can easily identify if there is an open wound or a cut. 

4. The materials of these socks absorb moisture to a great extent. This reduces the chances of any bacterial infections or fungal growth. The inner linings of diabetic socks are antimicrobial and prevent the formation of odours.


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