Drift Hunters Max- Is It Better Than Drift Hunter?


If you can still feel the adrenaline rush from Drift Hunters then good news for you. As after 3 years of waiting the Drift Hunters team is finally releasing its sequel Drift Hunters Max this summer. Exciting, right? 

Well, you better be. Because Drift Hunters Max is going to be packed with new exotic cars and completely new tracks. Moreover, the already impressive 3D world, realistic drift physics, and solid frame rate is getting even better!

But the question remains, can it be better than the classic drift hunters? 

Let’s find out. Shall we? 

Insane Features of Drift Hunters Max

Drift Hunter Max is loaded with insane new features. Some of the notable ones are 

  1. More improved and realistic 3D graphics.
  2. Lifelike drifting physics with incredible frame rate.
  3. 37 bizarre drift cars to unlock and upgrade. 
  4. 12 completely new cars chosen by the drift hunter fans. 
  5. New Improved in-depth tuning features like air suspension, front and rear camber, rims, color options, Turbo, brake pressure, and brake balance. 
  6. 12 completely new tracks with crazy graphics. 
  7. Both Automatic and Manual gearbox settings.
  8. New drift point collection system. Collect drift points and exchange points with money to build the perfect drift car for challenging your friends. 

Impressive, right?  

Now let’s have a look at the new car list and how good they are from drift hunters. 

Car List for Drift Hunters Max

Drift hunters has been the drift game that perfectly combined JDM legends with European and US exotic cars. With Drift Hunters Max it’s getting even better. Because the Drift Hunters team has bought 12 legendary new cars with the suggestion of the drift hunter fans. So, you can imagine how cool the game will be. 

Let’s have a look at the details of new cars in the below chart  

Name Feature Price
Toyota GR Supra 2020Model: SPR19Score Mult: x2.8Power: 400 HPWeight: 1420 KgSpeed: 260 km/h$78,400 
Lamborghini Huracan STOModel: HRCNScore Mult: x3.7Power: 580 HPWeight: 1380 KgSpeed: 320 km/h$136,900 
Mazda Miata MX5 NDModel: NDScore Mult: x1.0Power: 210 HPWeight: 1130 KgSpeed: 210 Km/h$10,000 
Dodge ChargerModel: CHRGScore Mult: x2.3Power: 500 HPWeight: 1570 KgSpeed: 270 Km/h$52,900 
BMW M3 E92Model: E92Score Mult: x2.6Power: 390 HPWeight: 1380 KgSpeed: 260 km/h$ 67,600 
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo XModel: EVOXScore Mult: x1.8Power: 293 HPWeight: 1400 KgSpeed: 250 km/h$32,400 
Lexus LFAModel: LFAScore Mult: x3.0Power: 500 HPWeight: 1490 KgSpeed: 260 km/h$90,000 
Dodge Viper GTSModel: GTSScore Mult: x3.4 Power: 550 HPWeight: 1430 KgSpeed: 260 km/h$115,600 
Lamborghini Countach 1980Model: LP500Score Mult: x3.4Power: 430 HPWeight: 1440 KgSpeed: 290 km/h$115,600 
Ferrari F40Model: 40FScore Mult: x3.3Power: 440 HPWeight: 1260 KgSpeed: 270 km/h$108,900 
Nissan Silvia PS13Model: PS13Score Mult: x4.0Power: 480 HPWeight: 1280 KgSpeed: 255 km/h$160,000
BMW 3-Series Model: F82Score Mult: x2.7Power: 490 HPWeight: 1420 KgSpeed: 280 km/h$110,000 

That’s a hell lotta cars to drive and drift. But where will you burn the tires? 

New Tracks for Drift Hunters Max

The drift hunter team didn’t only stop at providing new cars. They have also built 12 amazing tracks to burn the hell out of the tires. These tracks are completely new. So, your gameplay experience will be one of a kind. 

Here is the new tracklist 

Track Name Track Type
Container YardRacetrack
City StreetsPlayground
Waterfront Playground
Emashi Racetrack
Akagi Touge

The new features, cars, and tracks are surely spectacular. But can it really meet the already sky-high expectation of the gamers? 

Our Experience with Drift Hunters Max

I was lucky enough to get the chance of playing the beta version of Drift Hunters Max and to be frank it met my expectoration fully. 

I mean come on! The Drift Hunters is a free game. But what it offered is mind-blowing. It is even better with Drift Hunters Max.

Though all the features were not included in the beta version and there were some minor bugs. But still, I can bet the game will totally meet your expectations. Because the already stunning 3D graphics got even better with solid frame rate and improved realistic drifting physics. 

Moreover, the sound effects were lifelike and while playing it totally felt like real life drifting. 

Furthermore, the tuning features also got refined. Because Drift Hunters Max comes with new performance parts, aftermarket rims, fully customizable paint jobs, and many more. With the introduction of drift points, it’s even easier to upgrade your cars and transform them into drift mayhem. 

Lastly, there are 4 levels to upgrade your drift machines now. They are 

  1. Stock
  2. Street
  3. Racing
  4. Pro

Now let’s have a look at some frequently asked questions.


1. Which is the best car for drifting In Drift Hunters Max?

We still can’t determine which one will be the best drift car. But with less weight and almost equal power, Nissan Silvia PS13 will surely give the current drift king Nissan GTR-35 a tough competition. However, we can determine the drift king once the game gets fully released. 

2. Which one is the most extravagant car on Drift Hunters MAX?

Currently, Nissan Silvia PS13 is the most extravagant car on Drift Hunters MAX. It will cost you around 160,000 CR. 

3. Which car has the most speed on Drift Hunters MAX?

With 320 km/h speed the HRCN is going to be the fastest car on Drift Hunters MAX. 

Final Words

Drift Hunter is an example of how great a free game can be. Drift Hunters Max will be no exception. But comparing two of the gems is not the ideal thing to do. Because when drift hunter was released, it was one of the best free online drift games and way ahead of its time. 

I believe the same thing will happen with Drift Hunters Max and it will surpass the success and popularity of Drift Hunters.

So, fingers crossed until Drift Hunters Max’s release.


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