4 Ways to Make Your New Yard Amazing

New Yard

You have finally made a dream come true and bought a house on a wonderful property. Maybe it is in new development and doesn’t have any features yet, has been neglected or just needs an overhaul in its design and you need to invest some time and creativity into making it your oasis. Here are four ways to make your new yard amazing for years to come.

1. Greener Grass

Indeed, the grass isn’t greener on the other side, and if you want a healthy lawn, then you need to level off any pits or holes with dirt and apply quality sod. Instead of ordering it and paying a delivery cost, you could check with local companies for a truck rental with hitch and use it with a trailer to haul the dirt and sod. This will also enable you to place it exactly where you want it in the quantities that work for you. Planting good grass seed in the spring leads to a full yard in the summer when you want to have barbeques and bonfires. 

2. Plant a Playground

If you have young children, or if your older children have their own who will be coming to visit, then you need a play area. Mark off a section of the back or side yard that is flat for a sandbox, swingset, jungle gym or slide. It is a good idea to map this out with some trees for shade. Depending on how much you want to spend on this project, you could use playground tiles or rubber mulch for the floor of your playground. If no space in your yard lends itself to a playground, then tie a rope on a thick branch of a tree and attach a swing, either a tire swing or a wooden one works great. Wherever you decide to plant your playground, make sure there is room between the pieces to maneuver comfortably. 

3. Add Water

Installing a water feature in your yard adds a beautiful and interesting element to your property. A fountain or waterfall looks amazing and fills the air with the peaceful sound of running water. Both of these options can feed into a koi pond, which adds an aquatic life feature to your home. There are kits available that make it possible for you to put in your pond. A water feature at your house increases the attractiveness and provides a serene spot to place a bench and enjoy quiet time. If you want a water element that you can interact with, then you can look into pools, both above and inground options. These not only give you and your family a great place to have fun, but inground pools also increase the value of your home. The exercise and entertainment aspects of pool life make it worth the price of installation. 

4. Beds and Sheds

Your new yard will look incomplete without some flower beds. You can go to a greenhouse and pick out beautiful plants and then plant them in the best locations depending on sunlight or you can hire a landscape artist to design and install delightful creations. Shrubs and trees should also be included as part of your new yard. Make some of your new additions fruit trees for a bonus of homegrown goodness in a couple of years. Your gardening tools and lawn maintenance items should be kept in a shed, so placing one of these on a corner of your property is a smart move. Choose one that is big enough to store all your equipment and place it in a flat area. 

There is so much potential on every square foot of your new yard, so be sure to give thoughtful consideration to what you envision your home to look like before plunging into a project. You can begin with wonderful green grass, plant a jungle gym, add a pond and put your tools away in your shed when you are finished. Then enjoy your creativity and hard work!


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