What is holography?

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By the way, if you study on the Internet, you will get such a definition of holography that you will be confused that what is the direct definition of holography? So in my simple and simple words, Holography is a visual illusion, in which we record and record any object with the help of a display device, and later on anytime we put that object in front of us in the dimension.

That is, you will feel that that object (may be a man) is in front of you, you can see it from all sides, it can be easily across it but you cannot touch it. Because I said in the beginning that it is just a visual illusion. That which is visible only to our eyes, but is not actually in front of us. You can understand the hologram better by looking at this image.

Hologram technology invention

Holography was invented by British-Hungarian physicist Danis Gabor in 1947. After this technology gradually developed and in 1960 it was used by the companies to identify the truth of their product. And even today, you must have seen a product, book, or hologram is placed on a certificate, the product is revealed. Whether it is original or duplicate but it is limited to just that.

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The technology development of hologram which I was talking about above has not been developed yet, but this technology will also develop science quickly and it is also possible.

Is hologram technology possible?

Yes, hologram technology is absolutely possible because it is just a visual illusion and whatever we see, we see it with light, without light, it seems completely dark and light has small particles which reflect here and there. Huh.

In the same way, we can record an object through light and then later play it in 3d. And all this will be a game of laser light, by which you will feel that this thing is really here.

If it is hologram technology and development, then from this we can also call hologram and if we are also in another city, yet we can talk to a person from another city as if we are facing each other. . But now it remains to be seen how long science makes this dream come true.

How Hologram Works?

In this technique, there is a confluence of two techniques 3D and Hologram When these two tremendous techniques combine, 3D Hologram is created, ie the technique of cheating eyes, for some time, this technology which is limited to films, is now in reality among us.

Has come and in its initial stages is also progressing very fast, this technique is being used successfully in election speech, film promotion or interview everywhere, this technique can be used live from any person sitting face to face. It can be talked, as if it is actually in front of you.

You must have heard the teleport so that it can reach its actual form from place to place in a few seconds, but this technique is somewhat different from teleport, Is the same as the cut and copy, as the text is removed from the cut and goes to another place wherever we paste it, Is sent to the location, and the 3D hologram technique works like a copy function of a computer where a virtual 3D image of any object or human body is created and can be shown in many places at once and so Prime Minister NarendraModiji used his election campaign a lot, which was also successful.

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