Explore the Beauty of Middle East with Emirates Airlines

beauty of middle east with emirates airlines scaled
beauty of middle east with emirates airlines scaled

The Middle East is the hidden gem region of the natural, cultural and rich heritage wonders of old or ancient societies. This region is more than sun, desert, dry and shriveled land, where you can become the witness of the spectacular architectures, gastronomical delights, impressive archeological findings, majestic landmarks, iconic beaches, exciting activities, multicultural cities, modern shopping Malls, fine dining and vibrant lifestyle.This enchanting land, from the coast of the Israel to the desert of Saudi Arabia is completely, filled with the overwhelmed experience and charm cities. While,more than millions of the tourists or the holiday makers visited the different part of the Middle East ever year through the Emirates Booking and enjoyed their vacations with truly amazing along the combination of the ancient heritage sites and the western refinements. Actually, Emirates Airline is the Kingship and the best option to travel in the Middle East with the comfortable and snug journey. In short, Middle East is only explored by the UAE’s airlines because only this airline can handle the entire thrilling region.

If you are also planning to explore the colorful region, which have the unique and different culture, fascinating destinations and tourist sites, then go through our recommendations and grab ticketsto any one below destination and explore the splendid beauty of this region that actually awaiting you by open its arms.

Middle East:

The region of the Middle East is comprises on the Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman, Palestine and Lebanon. In this fascinating destination, you have multiple choices to visit the beauty of the each destination. Take a glance on the beauty of the Middle East.

Tel Aviv, Israel:

Tel Aviv is one of the most visiting tourist destinations, while it is the second largest city in Israel. This city is the beauty of the Middle East, where you can view the vibrant city view. This futuristic or fastest growing city has everything that makes your tour full of excitements like, beaches, remarkable locations, holiday spots and the delicious cuisine. No doubt, this city has many things to see and do, including, the art galleries, cultural institutions, and theme Parks and port that magnetizing the huge amount of the visitors throughout the year.

  • Gordon Beach
  • Frishman Beach
  • Jaffa’s Port
  • HaBima Square
  • Tel Aviv Museum

Doha, Qatar:

Qatar is the famous and well established tourist country in the Middle East due to its capital popularity. Yes, Doha is the largest city and capital of Qatar, which offers some of the most beautiful attractions, including, modern shopping malls futuristic architecture. Many visitors visit Doha to indulge in e golf-related activities, visit the desert for adrenaline-pumping activities and enjoy the sandy beaches and sea views, while visit museums, strolling along the Corniche. Few are other exploring sights for you.

  • Souqwaqif
  • Islamic Art museum
  • Aspire Park
  • Katara Cultural Village
  • The Pearl

Dubai, UAE:

No doubt, Dubai is the tourist gem that is considered the vacation or holiday paradise,as; Lahore and Karachi are the tourist destinations in Pakistan. The majority of the visitors or the tourists take Karachi to Dubai Flights to land at the UAE’s most stunning city after exploring the Karachi. Therefore, Dubai destination is another name of the wonders and tourist attractions because of the tallest buildings, pristine beaches, luxurious shopping Malls, gold & spice souqs, aquarium, well-furnished hotels services, charming environment, satisfied taste and multiple fun creating activities. Just plan your vacation and land at Dubai to visit it.

  • BurjKhalifa
  • Dubai Musuem
  • Mall of the Emirates
  • Aquaventure Waterpark
  • Kite Beach

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most delightful and outlandish destinations on the earth. Be that as it may, numerous individuals don’t realize exactly how astounding this destination is, or they simply have misinterpretations about it. One of the most important things that it is famous for is that it´s one of the few tourist’s locations, which is divided into two continents which makes it a very special place. A lot of things to do and see in Istanbul like admiring majestic landscapes, enjoying fantastic activities, holy and spiritual mosques and trying delicious food and many historical places.

  • The blue mosque
  • Basilica Cistern 
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts
  • Galata Tower

Cairo, Egypt:

Egypt is the most ancient country, that’s why the tourist prefers to explore it and collection the information about the date back history. This city of the Egypt “Cairo” is renowned with archeological spots, fascinating architecture and plenty of history layers and culture. The prehistoric buildings like: Sphinx and wonderful pyramid are the symbol of this land and reason of the iconic destination. You can do shopping, enjoy cruising, night parties, dinner at restaurant and walk around the huge tallest old buildings in this sprawling city.

  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Al-Azhar Mosque
  • Zamalek
  • Downtown Cairo
  • The Egyptian Museum

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is the Pak and the holy country of the Muslims. Every year, the huge groups of the Muslim go the precious and pious cities Makkah and Madina for the pilgrimage purpose in the Saudi Arabia.  Therefore, there are many holy and sacred places for the Muslims. Same like, the Riyad is the capital city of the Saudi Arabia and fully packed with the stunning sights and vibrant activities. While Riyad is considered the business and the cultural centre of the country and Jeddah is the trading centre of the Saudi Arabia. If you want to buy gifts to do shopping for the family, experience desert adventure, enjoy camel ride then must come to Riyad with the UAE’s flag carrier because it provide the services in the entire Middle East destinations.

  • Masmak Fortress
  • National Museum
  • Sky Bridge
  • Riyad Zoo
  • WadiNamar

Nizwa, Oman:

Oman is a crucial part of the Middle East region, which is visited by the tourists or the travelers annually and now it turns into the most visiting destination in the Middle. The famous city Nizwa is located in the mid of the Oman and well managed its modernization, rich culture and traditions, architectural buildings and thrilling activities. It belongs to the fairy-tale where the magic carpet flies in the skies, crowded, colorful souqs, beautiful handicrafts, valley covered by the mountains and the cool breezes. This vacation, must visit the Nizwa because it’s offering the completely facilities with the Online Hotels Reservation and the affordable e-tickets. Just land there and go for the shopping in the illustrating Malls, strolling on the streets and become part of the excitement.

  • Nizwa Fort
  • Wadi Gul
  • NizwaSouq
  • Jabreen Castle
  • Al Qala’a Mosque

Petra, Jordan:

Petra is the remarkable city in Jordan. This iconic city is red-colored rock carved, irreplaceable and prehistoric sights attract the tourists for collecting the adventure activities.  Due to its layers of ancient history and magnificent, ancient architecture, the Petro is become the UNESCO World Heritage site.Definitely! It’s a best suggestion to visit Petra in this Middle East’s beauty.

  • Al-Siq
  • Royal Tombs
  • Petra Theater
  • Colonnaded Street
  • Ad Deir

Beirut, Lebanon:

Beirut is the capital of the Lebanon that is spreading from the shoreline into the Mediterranean Sea. This traditional city is famous for its culture, history and unique customs. With the fastest growing time, the iconic and glamorous city boasts the beaches, bars, clubs, café, restaurants, luxurious hotels, architecture and the monuments, while the city still upholds the vibes of the old days. Few attractions are below.

  • Beirut Souks
  • Martyrs’ Square
  • Hamra Street
  • Pigeon Rocks
  • Sursock Museum

Paphos, Cyprus:

One of the amazing places to explore in the Middle East is the Paposh that is said to be the birth point of the Goddess of Love and Beauty. This city is full of vibrant lifestyle, majestic landmarks, futuristic modern buildings, traditional souqs and the annually received tourists in huge amount. You have plenty of things to see and do in this city and collect the incredible memories to make your instagram worthy.

  • House of Dionysus
  • AgiaParaskevi
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Alykes Beach
  • Paphos Fort


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