Important accessories for the caravan


The convenience of packing is one of the most appealing aspects of bringing your caravan on vacation. You are free to travel with your caravan fully loaded with all your utensils, clothing, and toiletries, everything you need for a break. However, there are a few caravan additions that can make your trip even more enjoyable. While most caravans are well-equipped, some vital caravan accessories are not usually included in the purchase. Of course, you could try to bargain some of these items while purchasing your caravan at a caravan store.


By attaching side mirrors to the car, you can see behind your caravan when towing it. These are a legal obligation, yet many overlook them. On both caravan ends, the driver should be able to see 20 metres back and 4 metres out through the mirrors.

Spirit level

It isn’t easy to sleep or eat on a slope, making you or your food roll down. Using a spirit level can help you level your vehicle on uneven ground. 

Electric hook-up lead

If you want to watch TV or use the microwave for an extended amount of time, you’ll need this. Because parking near the electric outlet may not always be available, 25 metres hook-up lead would be optimal.


Suppose you are at a touring caravan site lacking electrical connectors or a power outage. In that case, a battery can provide you with a stable source of electricity, but make sure it is completely charged before leaving home.

Container for water

There are various types to pick from. It is best to take the one which can be wheeled or is on wheels as it can relieve you of the added burden of carrying a big container across the site.

Container for wastewater

Always be sure you’re using the proper container and dispose of the materials properly. Because each site is unique, always double-check with the property operator to find out where their dumping point is.

Tools & Repair Kits

Bring along a solid range of tools, repair kits, and replacement components for any breakables. Something might go wrong with your touring caravan during the trip, whether it is new or old. You might regret not taking these basics if you cannot perform immediate repairs. A supply of spare fuses is a smart option, but keep in mind that fuses used in caravans are frequently different from those used at a residence. Duct tape is ideal for making rapid cosmetic repairs. An expert should assess and fix all major damage, but having a “mechanical first response” kit on hand can be beneficial.


At some point, electrical breakdowns or essential nighttime expeditions will inevitably occur. Ensure your flashlight is in good working order and store it somewhere easy to access (because you’ll most likely need to locate it in the dark).

Storage Containers

Make use of some lightweight storage containers. Get foldable ones to store them in the caravan with the least amount of room. Boxes are useful for keeping things clean and dry, transporting food on day trips, and even storing muddy garments to prevent them from causing damage to the interior.

Summing Up

A well-equipped caravan allows a relaxing and delightful vacation. While it may be more expensive to load up the caravan with accessories bought at a caravan store at first, you will save time, money, and frustration in the long run.


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