Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind when you Choose from Honeymoon Packages in India

Annotation 2020 06 12 140515
Annotation 2020 06 12 140515

Honeymoon is the holiday that sets the mood for you as a couple. Be it the start of the married life or rekindling your love, honeymoon is a much-needed vacation. So, when this holiday so important it needs careful planning. When it comes to India, options of honeymoon packages are plentiful. You will be simply spoilt for choices. From the scenic mountains to the relaxed beaches, from the beautiful backwaters to the thrilling jungles, from the colorful historical cities to metropolises thriving on a new high, there is a palate of options to book.

To make matters hassle-free, here are the top 5 things to keep in mind when you choose from Honeymoon Packages in India.

  • Suiting the idea of romance

When it comes to a honeymoon, it must be planned by the couple and must suit the idea of a romance. For some, it is romantic to enjoy the picturesque view of sun rising over the mountains, while for others it is the sun setting over a beach. Some enjoy long strolls while the waves kiss your feet while many love to snuggle in front of a bonfire. The thrill of adventure might be common for a couple. Whatever be your choice, there are always honeymoon packages that suit you.

Be a romantic break in Shimla, Manali, Darjeeling or Ooty, the favored hill stations or a beach break in Goa, Andaman or Lakshadweep, a royal stay at Udaipur or floating on the backwaters of Kerala, decide as a couple as to where your interest lies. You would not like to shiver in the cold when you wished to soak in the sun or you would not have a great time partying when you wish for some intimate moments. And, if you have a fondness for adventure, then there is again Goa and Andaman that offer the ultimate vacation with oodles and oodles of fun.

  • A break from day today

As special as a honeymoon is, you need something very different from your daily schedules. A break is what the both of you deserve. If the honeymoon is after your wedding, then what better can it be? After that much of rituals and crowds, you need a recluse for the both of you. 

Have a hearty breakfast in your room’s comfort savoring appetizing dishes, enjoy sunsets or sunrises, walks on the beach, stroll till you can’ feel your toes, go exploring the marine world with scuba diving or snorkeling or a wildlife safari at one of the lush national parks, it is time to take a break and spend time with each other.

  • Lots of Adventures

Adventures can be any experience that gives you a dose of adrenalin. These moments later become the most cherished times of your lives. Therefore, a honeymoon in India is truly completed when you added enough adventures. No matter how many times it has been said it is always less, that there is one life and that rather being long must have a long list of memories to look back at.

Imagine swimming with the fishes, exploring corals and shipwrecks, experience the serenity of the marine world, this too can be your wish fulfilled at Goa, Andaman and Lakshadweep. Or, imagine the thrill of treks, rides through the mountain roads, the chilly air, and more. Or, if it suits you imagine the excitement of sighting a tiger, leopard, rhino, lions, or any wildlife in their natural habitats. These moments make it to the list of cherished memories.

  • Luxury Resorts

India is value for money when it comes to honeymoon packages. Wherever you decide to visit, book a stay at one of the luxury resorts in India and have the best times of your lives. Both of you will be pampered with the best rooms, privacy, complimentary services, and more. 

A stay at a luxury resort in Goa, a private beach resort in Andaman, a heritage hotel in Rajasthan, jungle resort in the wild or a luxury houseboat, make your holiday count with the best of lodging for the romantic memories.

  • Photo Opportunities

In our social media age, it is quite important to click and post everything to keep the memories online and phone free of the load. While the daily lives have been made special every day, imagine how special the honeymoon can be. To create and captures memories of a lifetime, when closing from honeymoon packages in India, go for the ones that make its place among the best of your snaps.  


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