A Guide to Eating Well in Tokyo

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Tokyo is considered one of the best food cities worldwide. Tokyo is commonly known for ramen, sushi, and izakayas. All Japanese specialties and regional food can be found in Tokyo. Most of the restaurants are located on the floors of the shop’s restaurants, near the office block, and close to many train stations. Book your flight ticket at a very low rate through Delta Airlines Reservations.

what should I eat?


Sushi is the most famous and pleasant type of food in Tokyo. Ameyoko of Ueno is a fantastic open-air market that offers superb sushi at affordable prices.

It is natural that Tokyo will have some of the best sushi restaurants. While most sushi restaurants in Tokyo are quite expensive, it is possible to find delicious sushi at affordable prices.

Tokyo Food Guide: Where to Go for Sushi

Sushi no Midori (Ginza / Akasa area): a very popular sushi restaurant with many locations (Ginza, Akasaka and Shibuya etc.) in Tokyo. Avoid weekends and peak times (eg 12 noon and 7 pm, etc.).

Mantenboshi (Tokyo Station and Nihonbashi): They serve two dozen pieces of sushi and small dishes at just 6,800 JPY for their Osaka Sei Sushi course. It used to be very popular only among the locals, but now you will see a lot of foreign visitors. Reservation recommended. They have two locations (Tokyo Station and Nihonbashi). Reservations at Nihonbashi location are easy.

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Ramon is one of the favorite foods for people living in Tokyo. When living in this city, it is easy to find all types of ramen from traditional to regional.


Izakaya, also known as a Japanese-style pub, is a restaurant that serves a typical Japanese dish as well as grilled fish, sashimi, yakitori, or vegetable dishes.

Other things that are good in Tokyo

Needless to say, one can find all kinds of Japanese cuisine in Tokyo ranging from Kaseki, Temple Pura, Okonomiyaki, Udon, Soba, Unagi or Eel and vegetarian dishes.

In addition, you can find various Italian, French, Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese restaurants throughout Tokyo. If you are looking for more specialty dishes, you will be more likely to find it in central Tokyo.

Where to eat in Tokyo?

The Budget Food

It is possible to enjoy a meal in Tokyo for at least Y600 as a meal in cheap rice or noodle joints. 

Luxury food

It is possible to sample starred restaurants in Tokyo for at least Y2,500; However, it is more likely that you will have to pay between Y3,000 and Y4,000. Dinner in a starred restaurant can cost anywhere between Y10,000 or Y100,000 per person, especially if you are visiting major culinary restaurants.

If you are ready to forget about bragging rights and ignore the restaurant’s name, it is recommended that you enjoy a meal in a highly regarded establishment, despite being less-known. If you want to be close to any of these areas for food, then read this piece to stay in Tokyo.

Booking organized in a fancy restaurant

It is a known fact that you cannot show up at luxury restaurants in Tokyo and expect to be served. While some of these restaurants will accept reservations from foreign travelers, and even have English-speaking staff, this is not always normal. In fact, some foreign tourists may experience the refusal of direct booking at high-end restaurants in Tokyo. Don’t delay, book your flight ticket now through Delta Reservations and get great discounts.

Unfortunately, most of these places adopt these ideas because their foreign guests make reservations, but do not come. The best means of obtaining a reservation in a high-quality restaurant in Tokyo is by booking through the hotel concierge. Another option is to use one of the specific booking services.

Various Restaurant Booking Services in Tokyo

Many companies provide special booking services for foreigners in restaurants in Tokyo. Below are the top three options: Opentable Pocket Concierge Voyagin All these things will ensure that you have a great time and are all good for what Tokyo has to offer.

Tokyo Food Guide: Where to Go for YAKITORI

Japanese people usually eat yakitori with beer or for dinner. There are many Izakaya locations that offer good yakitori in Tokyo … but don’t get overwhelmed by it! Here are some recommendations for you:

Doromaiyar (Yotsuya / Shinjuku Region): They serve great quality chicken and vegetables. The space in this casual restaurant is always packed with only 30 seats. Reservation recommended. The average price per person is 5,000+ JPY.

There are only 10 or so seats and they serve great Yakitori food. The price is moderate and they have a wide range of chicken meat types, including Chicken Neck Meat (Seseri) and some other portions you have never imagined eating before! It is a good place to eat in Shinjuku and reservation is also required.


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