A Complete List of the Best Enterprise Architect Certifications

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daniel dinuzzo qCjolcMFaLI unsplash

Certification is one of the great ways to validate your EA qualifications if you plan a career as an architect of a company (EA).you are focusing on web, databases, apps, or other aspects of market infrastructure, you are improving your curricula with one or more of these 12 certifications. The best certificates for Big Data, Project Management, Agile, Data Science, IT and cloud administration, and new certificates for the most up-to-date skills are to be pursued. 

  • Around 12 business certifications for design
  • Architect of AWS Accredited System
  • Certification Axelos ITIL Master
  • Technical Design of CISSP Information Technology Defense (CISSIP-ISSAP)
  • Proven preparation and qualification for qualified software architects
  • Certified Defense Network Architect (CNDA) of the EC Council
  • Data Designer Cloud Expert
  • Architect Certification for Professional Cloud Solutions
  • Architect Red Hat Certified
  • Technical Architect Accredited with Salesforce (CTA)
  • Certification for the Free Community TOGAF 9
  • Architect Accredited by the Community Association (Free CA)
  • Master Builder level Virtualization Board
  • Architect of AWS Accredited System

The AWS Certified Solution Architect exam:  covers the construction, delivery of best practices for implementation, and long-term management of an EA project based on customer or client requirements. For the analysis, you need practical knowledge with all AWS facilities in the computer, networking, storage, and database. To support your study for your trial, you can even directly access lessons or instructional materials from Amazon.

Cost: Web professional $100, partner stage $150 and trade-class exams $300. 

Certification Axelos ITIL Master: Throughout ITIL, the organization developers used to control business systems and sustain a common IT management system. The Axelos ITIL Master credential is valuable for demonstrating your service management expertise if you operate in an ITSM setting within the ITIL System.  Before you may continue to the ITIL Masters test, you must also obtain the ITIL Specialist certificate.

Cost: examination fees depend on the salesman

Technical Design of CISSP Information Technology Defense (CISSIP-ISSAP): CISSIP-ISSAP certification is designed for professionals who wish to add a concentration in architecture to certified information systems security professionals (CISSIP). In addition to two years of experience in one or more work fields within the common knowledge body (CBK) of CISSP-ISSAP, you will require your CISSP certificate. The review covers identity and access management architecture, architecture for security operations, security infrastructure, management, compliance, risk management, modeling architecture for security, and security of applications.

Test costs: $699 and recurring repair expense of $35.

Dell EMC Preparation and Qualification for Qualified Software Architect: The qualification course EMC Validated Qualified Cloud Architect (DECE-CA) covers exact needs selection and cloud infrastructure architecture in an ITaaS setting. You will also have the ability to exercise expertise in a joint effort to develop cloud services. To obtain this certification, you must first take one of five associate examinations and get the certification of your cloud architect.

Cost: courses and examinations start at $900; without the course, you can buy a single exam voucher, but prices vary with the testing center.

Certified Defense Network Architect (CNDA) of the EC Council: EC Council qualification for the Accredited Network Protection Architect (CNDA) is primarily designed for government and military organizations with a focus on security and enforcement. It is identical to the Licensed Ethical Hacker and meant to be a “tentative to infiltrate networks and computer systems utilizing the same methods as a hacker,” as described in the EC Council, for individuals trusted by their employers.

Expenses: $250

Data Designer Cloud Expert:

Certification for Google Qualified Cloud Architect reveals your expertise in Google Cloud technology. To achieve your credential, you will learn how to build and develop a stable and compliant cloud technology system, administer the cloud network, review and streamline business processes, and supervise cloud software implementation. No standards for review are applicable, although tests must be conducted in person at an approved check center.

Expense: $200.

Architect Certification for Professional Cloud Solutions: Offered to technology architects, applications, systems, and enterprise architects and cloud strategy consultants, and senior developers through Cloud Credential Council (CCC), Profesional Cloud Solutions Architect Certification is designed. 

Cost: 499 $for autoproof and examination documents

Architect Red Hat Certified: The credential Red Hat Accredited architect contains the most high-quality Red Hat Accredited Business Microservices Developer (RHCEMD) and JBoss Certified Developer (RHCJD) from Red Hat. Every course ‘s cost ranges from $1,500 to about $4000, depending on the topic and the location.

Cost: prices differ by classes and places, but based upon how many courses credits you choose, you can purchase a year-long pass for either $5.500 or $7.000.

Technical Architect Accredited with Salesforce (CTA): The Certificate of the CTA (Salesforce Certified Technical Architect) shows your knowledge, skills, and capacity on the Salesforce platform to design and develop solutions. Before you can pass the CTA examination, you will need certification by a Certified Application Architect or Certified Systems Architect. You must pass the Examination Board for Technical Architects to obtain your Salesforce CTA certification. Hypothetical situations, customer requirements are provided to you, and an architecture solution is then requested. You must prepare yourself for two hours, and then present your judges for four hours, including break time.

Cost: $200 per check and a further $6,000 per Review Board of the Professional Architect

Certification for the Free Community TOGAF 9:

TOGAF is one of the most widely used business architecture frameworks, which provides a useful certificate for adding to your CV. The Accessible Community provides two qualification rates – TOGAF 9 qualification and Level 2 certification which you may take after completing the first test TOGAF 9 certification (Level 1).

Cost: $320 per test or $495 for all tests concurrently

Architect Accredited by the Community Association (Free CA):

Open CA certification levels are available in three levels: Certified (1), Master (2), and Distinguished (3). You won’t have to follow a test or undergo an exam to receive the Free CA credential, unlike many certifications. It is instead a program which, according to The Open Group, requires applicants to “demonstrate their skills and experience of compliance by writing and peer review” To assess your potential qualifications for the first two certification levels, you can use the online self-assessment tool.

Cost: $1.250 with a $175 recurring maintenance charge and $250 per three years for recertification.

Master Builder level Virtualization Board:

For popular virtualization products, the Virtualization Board offers four certifications. While VMware, Windows, Xen, and Virtual Iron goods are accredited, the test is supplier-neutral. Each examination covers a specific platform for business architecture, so you can select the tools that fit your career best.Conclusion: As an EA, you will develop the IT strategy for a company that maintains business goals aligned with IT objectives. Companies rely on technology, so IT is now an essential component of any strong corporate strategy. All certifications check your experience, know-how, and knowledge in utilizing EA sets, tools, applications, and best practices.


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