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sarang pande IijeyJbmrec unsplash scaled

Goa is a state in India inside the beach front area known as the Konkan in Western India. it is restricted to north by Maharashtra and to south by Karnataka with the west coast forming Arabian Sea.India is the smallest country by region and the fourth least by population. Goa is India’s most extravagant state, with a GDP for each capita over multiple times that of the nation. The “Eleventh Finance Commission” was known as the best-positioned state and put on top by Indian national commission for the best personal satisfaction.

Span of the Trip: This was 5 days and 6 night’s excursion from Bangalore. We began on Tuesday night and return back to Monday morning. 

Transportation: There are numerous methods of transportation accessible from Bangalore to Goa, including transport, train, and flight. The best method of venturing out to Goa is a lengthy drive from Bangalore. 

Be that as it may, the mode we pick was a departure from Bangalore to Goa and for returning back we settled on a transport from Goa to Bangalore. This is thinking about the spending plan and accessible leaves we had. If u Need Best Goa Tour Packages Contact Us. 

Subtleties of the Trip: 

Night 1: We loaded onto the departure from Bangalore at 11:00 pm which was expected at Goa around 12:00 am. However, because of some specialized issues, we at last arrived at Goa around 12:30 am. 

So subsequent to making and dropping and redoing plans for most recent 6 years, here we are in Goa!! At long last!! Be that as it may, at that point, which Indian has arrived at Goa in their absolute first arrangement? 😛 

We came outside of the air terminal in the wake of gathering our baggage and recruited a taxi from the prepaid taxi remain at an expense of Rs 250/ – . In spite of the fact that the separation was not of Rs 250/ – , because recently night, the charges were high. 

We checked in at Vasco Residency (a Government of Goa undertaking) close Vasco Da Gama railroad station. We booked the inn online heretofore. So they permitted us to registration at the late evening. Tax for a night was Rs 1400/ – every night. In spite of the fact that the lodging is in the city, as it was not approach to any sea shore, we had booked the inn just for the night with plans of moving to sea shore front following day morning. The lodging was exceptionally under kept up and not for remaining quite a while. 

Day 1: After awakening, we requested breakfast in the room administration. They had restricted alternatives and very expensive. As I previously referenced, we booked Vasco Residency only for one night, we looked at from that point by 11 am. We called the same driver who dropped us at Om Sai Beach Hut on Agonda Beach earlier in the night. Bitti charged us Rs 1900/ – for dropping. 

The Agonda sea shore was exceptionally spotless and with extremely less group, an ideal spot to invest relaxation energy in Goa. We had booked a hovel for 4 evenings at it cost utilized Rs 10,476.00/ – comprehensive all the assessments. Agonda sea shore is one of the south sides sea shores and extremely distant from the acclaimed places of interest and sea shores of Goa. Along these lines, this spot isn’t for the individuals who are in Goa for the sea shore parties however certainly a paradise for the harmony darlings. 

When we settled down in the room, we went to the coastline café of Om Sai Hut and had our lunch with celebrated kingfish and fenny ( an unquestionably not be missed when in Goa). Food was delectable and not so much costly. 

We went through the night via ocean washing, frugality shopping and relaxing on the sea shore before our cottage. 

Gracious indeed, we likewise reserved a taxi for touring for next 3 days from the trip specialist Vilas ( contact numbers: +91-9421246036, + 91-9921245389) at an expense of Rs 6000/ – . Sounds costly? In any case, when u read the whole post, you would feel it was the least expensive arrangement conceivable in Goa. 

We had our supper in the café of another sea shore cabin called White Sand. 

Day 2: After getting up, we took a stroll on the sea shore. Nothing can be more unwinding and invigorating than early morning sea shore. It just washes out all the negative things from the brain. This is the most heavenly inclination to be any place I am in any of sea shore places. 

We had our morning meal in the café of Om Sai sea shore cabin and began for the touring by 9:30 am with Vilas. The spots we visited are 

Post Aguada and its beacon is Portuguese fortification which was built in 1612. This was the most valued and significant stronghold for Portuguese. Based on the mouth of stream Mandovi, it was deliberately found and was the main barrier of Portuguese against the Dutch and Marathas. A freshwater spring inside the post gave water flexibly to the boats that used to stop by. This is the manner by which the fortification got its name: Aguada, which means Water. 

Later during the Salazar Administration, Fort Aguada was repurposed for use as a jail principally. 

Beacon @ Fort Aguada 

There is no section charge for this spot. 

Calangute Beach is the biggest sea shore in North Goa and visited by a huge number of individuals consistently. During the pinnacle season, this sea shore becomes truly busy. This sea shore offers distinctive sort of water sports like parasailing, banana pontoon, water skiing and some more. 

Likewise, outside the sea shore, there are heaps of stores for purchasing neighborhood Goa shirts, garbage gems, and other stuff. 

Subsequent to going through a day in the peaceful condition of Agunda sea shore, this spot was a genuine fiasco for me. Swarmed and filthy sea shore, individuals with unseemly demeanor was a major turn down and we invested a less energy and left the spot. 

Baga Beach is the most popular sea shore in North Goa. This sea shore is named after the Baga Creek which is situated toward the finish of the sea shore. Like Calangute sea shore, this spot is additionally popular for various water sports, nearby stuff. This spot likewise had an assortment of eatery serving marvelous fish. 

This sea shore was likewise incredibly swarmed yet possibly it was better than Calangute or we had became accustomed to by the packed sea shore and quit contrasting them and south Goa sea shore, we decide to go for parasailing. 

The charge for parasailing while booked in Rs 800/ – while booked from the sea shore. This incorporates the pontoon charges for going till the purpose of parasailing and going up till 30ft tallness. There are different top-ups which can be included this. Rs 500/ – for setting off to the full tallness which is roughly 50ft and remaining there for 2-3 minutes; Rs 600/ – for going up to full stature and descending and taking plunge till abdomen; Rs 800/ – for going up to full tallness and descending and taking full body plunge. I settle on the bundle of Rs 500/ – as I was not conveying any additional arrangement of dress. 

Group at Baga Beach 


We committed an error of not caring our additional dress however the greater misstep was not conveying the camera to the vessel. One can convey all their stuff and it’s totally sheltered. 

Baga sea shore is additionally popular for the Goa nightlife. 

Anjuna Beach is another well known sea shore in Goa. Dissimilar to, different sea shores this sea shore is a greater amount of rough than sandy. Anjuna sea shore is likewise popular for its daze parties held during the pinnacle traveler seasons. 

Anjuna Beach 

Each Wednesday the acclaimed swap meet is held in Anjuna where you can buy items from all over India, just as from outsiders, going from organic products to adornments, garments, hashish and electronic gadgets. 

From the vessel riders of our parasailing, we heard there are places for paragliding in Anjuna sea shore anyway we were unable to discover any, yet then didn’t look through much also. 

We had our lunch in one of the cafés of Anjuna sea shore. When we completed our lunch and began for the goal, it was around 4:30 pm and we set out toward Dona Paula. 

Dona Paula sea shore is arranged at the Sangam of the Arabian Sea and Goan waterways Mandovi and Zuari. There are loads of neighborhood legends about the spot Dona Paula sea shore. One of the most popular is, Dona was hitched to Paulo, a modest angler. He wandered into remote oceans for fishing and is said to have stayed away forever. His devoted spouse Dona as far as anyone knows sat tight for him at the breakwater, for such a significant number of years that she at last transformed into stone, which is the celebrated sculpture we can see at the pier. 

Notwithstanding, truly, Paula Amaral Antonio de Souto Maior. She was hitched to a Fidalgo from Spain, Dom Antonio Souto Maior. South Maiors was an incredibly well-to-do family, and the whole property from the current day Cabo Raj Nivas right to Caranzalem had a place with the Souto Maior’s. Dona Paula was a lady of good cause and is known to have helped the townspeople and worked a ton for their improvement, so after her passing, the locals It was selected that the city should be renamed Dona Paula.

Another renowned nearby legend goes that Dona Paula should be seen rising up out of the twilight waves wearing just a pearl neckband. A few travelers, just as local people guided by this legend, visit the sea shore for a brief look at Dona Paula.


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