5 ways to damage iPhone battery, how to repair iPhone battery


Apple has added the battery health function in iOS 11.3, allowing users to more easily check the maximum capacity of the mobile phone battery. Is it painful to watch your battery capacity decay day by day? In fact, some of your habits may cause slight damage to the battery and accelerate the rate of battery loss.

If your phone has problems or errors, restarting Apple is a simple and effective solution, but apart from these situations, you may rarely shut down, right?

Running your device 24 hours a day puts extra stress on the phone and battery, This can cause the iPhone battery replacement so turning it off from time to time can provide much needed rest time for the battery.

From extremely high temperatures to extremely low temperatures, temperature changes will accelerate the loss of mobile phone batteries. And then you may need iphone repairs coventry Not surprisingly, high temperatures may affect (or even destroy) Apple hardware, while lower temperatures may cause the device to freeze.

This also means being careful when putting your phone in the bathroom while taking a bath, and don’t bring your phone into the sauna. It seems harmless, but these temperature changes (plus increased humidity) can damage your equipment for a long time.Although wireless charging is easy to use, wireless charging for Apple 8 and X may actually cause harm. This is because the mobile phone battery does not stop working during the wireless charging process. Therefore, this means that Apple mobile phone batteries will work harder and eventually end their lives faster. And finally you will need a phone repair (telefoon reparative).

Apple’s charging cable does not add harmful substances, which is more environmentally friendly, but it also causes defects in durability. I believe that many friends are experiencing the situation in the picture. If the charging cables are old or damaged, you may want to consider replacing them. 

In addition to the potential fire hazard that can cause damage to the charging cables, these cables can also release negative charges and damage batteries and equipment. The little friend’s solution is to buy a charging cable protection kit in the treasure, because the original Apple accessories are too expensive.

Although cheap third-party lightning cables and charging heads are attractive, many experts believe this may be a bad idea for two reasons. First of all, third-party wiring may damage the circuit and even the charging port. Secondly, if there is a problem (overheating or even damage) when charging the phone, Apple will not be able to insure it. It is recommended that you consider using only Apple MFi certified charging cables.    


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