Mark Roemer Oakland Provides You with A Guide to Keep Your Phone Clean

Phone Clean


Research shows that your phone may be full of germs and filthier than you think. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, apart from keeping your hands free from germs, you should also thoroughly clean your phone regularly. Here’s how you can keep your phone clean:

The Details

1. Clean the screen – Shut down your phone and gently clean the display and exterior with a microfiber cloth. Slowly wipe down the crud and smudges. This process also helps to get rid of germs physically with the help of friction. Don’t use paper towels or washcloths since they won’t be able to absorb grease and dirt as easily as a microfiber cloth. After that disinfect the exterior with a disinfecting wipe from Clorox or Lysol uwatchfree Make sure to wring out excess liquid if the wipe feels too wet. After that leave out your phone for air drying. 

2. Clean the ports – Ports are the most neglected part of your phone when it comes to sanitization. You can use small dense brushes that can reach into the ports and clean off dirt. Make sure to pick out brushes with relatively hard bristles that can scrub off dirt and won’t damage the components. After that, you can blast the ports with a UV flashlight to kill all the germs. Don’t use wet wipes on ports since the alcohol in the wipes are conductive and may damage the ports. 

3. Clean the cases – To clean your phone case, remove it from your phone and wipe it down with a damp cloth. If you have a leather case, you can use a dry cloth with a mildly strong cleaner. After that, you can use the UV flashlight for a few minutes on the cases so that harmful bacteria that has accumulated on them gets purged. 

4. Wash your hands regularly, even when there is no pandemic – Your hand makes an awful lot of contact tutflix with the world throughout the day and give a free ride to germs that sit on various surfaces. Add the sweat and natural oils of your skin and it’s a germ party whenever you touch your cell phone. So, it’s important to wash your hands frequently with soapy water. 

5. Your phone needs to stay with you – Your phone is a personal item, and it should be treated as such. Yes, the children get a pass when they want to play games and that should be the limit. If someone asks to use your phone the difficult, yet right answer is “No”. You don’t want other people to transfer their germs on your phone. You can also tell people that it’s a predetermined policy of yours to not allow others to use your smartphone. 


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that apart from cleaning your phone regularly and following the above-mentioned precautions, you should also restrain yourself from using your phone in the toilet or while you have a meal. That keeps the germs and grease where they belong.


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