How To Start A Business With Only Prenota Taxi Nova Milanese


Taxi Nova Milanese Prenota is a taxi booking service that is available in Milan and its suburbs. The fleet consists of Prius, Mercedes, and Mitsubishi Outlander cabs that can carry up to 5 passengers. Taxi Nova Milanese Prenota was founded in 2009 when the business created one cab to serve the needs of two clients. Today it has grown into a company with various cars and offices around Milan. You can catch these taxis at the Piazza Belgioioso, Via Spallanzani, Via Tommaso Grossi, Politecnico di Milano, San Raffaele Hospital and even the station Centrale. The company’s aim is to provide safe and quick taxi services to people in Milan. They do not charge more than the average of taxi companies in Milan. Their cabs are equipped with modern security devices that allow you to book cabs for your group with ease. You can contact them through their email address or even call them directly if you need any special services in the future. You can also request their services through major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Why Did You Choose To Write About This Company?

I chose to write about Taxi Nova Milanese because I am very particular when it comes to taxi services. I know that Milan is one of the most populated airports in Italy and sometimes, the nearest airport to you is not very close. I have traveled a lot around the world and have used different kinds of taxis. The way these cabs are designed, the way they are treated, or even how much it costs for them, has always made me go back to the same taxi service company every time I travel out of my home country. So there are basically three things that you have to look for when you travel. The first one is the price. The second one is how safe your cab is. And the third one, which is very important too, in the comfort of the cab itself. These three things are what I consider when I travel or when I recommend a taxi service provider. Taxi Nova Milanese Prenota has successfully addressed these three issues in their service and they have managed to win my trust and loyalty when it comes to choosing their services around Milan. I know that I can always rely on them to be on time, safe, and reliable.

What Did You Think about the Business?

I really like Taxi Nova Milanese Prenota because they provide services for almost everyone in Milan. They have cabs that are designed specifically for people with disabilities and people with elderly parents. These can all book easily through their website, social networks, or even over the phone, which is what I do most of the time when I need a service like this. Their prices are reasonable and do not change even if you travel alone or with family members. Their vehicles are very clean and the drivers are friendly as well.

Where Do You Recommend This Business to Your Readers? (e.g. on social media, on a site page, etc.)

I recommend Taxi Nova Milanese Prenota because they can be reached easily through their website, their social networks, and even via a phone call to a number that they provide for people who need a service like this. I know that there are some other taxi companies in Milan that provide similar services but I have never been talked with anyone from any of these companies except for this one. If you are in need of a taxi from the airport to the city or vice versa, then you should definitely try them out. They also provide all kinds of services such as rides with elderly parents or even one-way rides if you want them to exit so you can enter at another station.


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