How to Shift to a Digital EHS Software Effortlessly


While many firms are prepared to move away from manual methods, the most pressing question they confront is, “How can we make the shift from spreadsheets, or even paper in some circumstances, as smooth and flawless as possible?”

It’s a good question, and we’ve got three important pointers to remember to make the procedure run more smoothly.

1. Pick EHS software that is simple to implement

It must be simple to use your system if you want people to use it. That’s why it’s critical to choose EHS software that prioritizes the user experience. Choose a tool that can be used by everyone in your company. Ensure that staff in the field and those on the production line have quick and easy access to information. A proper EHS software is useful in different sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, etc.

Businesses must put information-gathering tools in the palms of their employees’ hands, therefore think mobile-enabled as well.

Another factor for ease of use is that the digital tool should be simple enough for even the least tech-savvy personnel to utilize right away. Consider involving those employees in the selection of an EHS software, so you can receive their direct and honest opinion on how easy it is to use and whether they had any problems accessing or submitting data.

2. Create a roadmap for a smooth transition

This will include gathering all of your paper checklists as well as any data you’re keeping track of in spreadsheets. Break everything down into a manageable project plan, and then prioritize what needs to be done first. Last but not least, you’ll want to solicit the help of an executive sponsor to guarantee that your effort receives top-level support.

3. Communication and training should be prioritized

If people can’t figure out how to utilize your system, it won’t work. Consider the following:

  • How will users be able to log in?
  • Has everyone who needs to know how to utilize the system been given this information?
  • What kind of training and feedback loops can you set up to ensure that the software is used and, more critically, that it is used appropriately?

Show your staff the influence of technology on workplace safety

Demonstrating the impact can also improve an employee’s overall work experience.

Let’s imagine a worker has some safety tips that they’d like to enter in real time when they come up with them. EHS software frequently has the capability of delivering instant notifications to company managers, who can then immediately alter procedures and regulations to make that worker’s employment safer.

What if someone was injured on the production floor? Because the data is managed by EHS software, workers who are responsible for logging what happened won’t have to switch between spreadsheets.

Are you looking for easy-to-use EHS software? You’ve come to the right spot

CloudApper Safety provides an EHS software platform that is customized to your company’s needs. All-in-one solution for engaging your staff, instilling a safety culture, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Author Bio: SK. Moinur Rahman is a digital marketing analyst at CloudApper which is an amazing No-Code Enterprise Mobile Apps Platform. He’s on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook and to make boring business blogs sparkle. 


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