Best Things to do While Staying in Sevierville TN Cabins


When you visit and stay in Sevierville TN cabins, there are a lot of fun things that you can do. From visiting the most visited attraction, Dollywood Park, to Sevierville history museum, to hiking and mountain biking trails, and the town circle park. There are also plenty of places for tourists to eat and shop as well as see live entertainment and comedy shows. 

Let’s look at some of them below:

1. Visit the Famous Dollywood Theme Park

While staying at Sevierville TN cabins, you can visit the famous Dollywood Park. The park consists of a mix of themed areas representing various parts of the southern United States, including the Ozark Mountains, Tennessee Valley, and the Smoky Mountains. Themed areas are also based on movies such as “Chasing Rainbows” (baseball). 

You also get to enjoy some thrilling activities like roaring rides, Dollywood’s Country Fair, and an awesome view of the Great Smoky Mountains.

2. Visit the Sevierville History Museum

The museum includes several cabins, a general store, a post office, a one-room schoolhouse, and coal mine reenactments. It provides educational tours of the buildings and grounds and also hosts Christmas events each year. There’s also an annual rendezvous that consists of artisans, musicians, dancers, and historic reenactors. Participants of the event demonstrate folk art, crafts, and share traditional skills. 

3. Go Hiking and Mountain Biking 

If you like hiking, enjoy exploring caves and waterfalls, Sevierville has several great trails for you.  One of the great hiking spots is The Sinks in Douglas Lake. This trail takes about an hour and a half with a couple of stops for photos. A favorite mountain biking trail of Sevierville locals is “The Old Railroad Bed”. It offers some great scenery, wildlife, and an easy ride for beginners and kids.

4. Visit the Town Circle Park

The large area is home to several attractions including an amphitheater for live concerts, a man-made pond that has fish in it, a few playgrounds, and picnic areas. This park is perfect for families with young children who need somewhere to run around and play. 

There’s a fountain in the middle of this park, and when you sit around it, the water shoots up in every direction. There are benches all around the circle, and in one corner there is a large gazebo that sometimes has free music playing during certain hours. This area also has a playground for kids, several walking trails, and lots of open grass to sit on.

6. Good Sevierville TN Eateries

If you’re looking for good eats when residing in Sevierville TN cabins, the town is home to several restaurants. Examples include The Sevier River grill on the Sevier River where you can dine in old fashion southern country style at an old plantation house or dine outside overlooking Sevier River as you enjoy some BBQ ribs and shrimp.

Above are some of the fun and thrilling activities you can do and places you can visit while staying in Sevierville TN cabins. It’s highly recommended that you bring along a good camera, as it will help you create memories by taking nice photos during your trip. Enjoy!


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