The UK’s most loved reality TV shows

reality TV shows

Britain truly has given us some of the greatest reality TV content. Whether it be watching others in affluent parts of the UK live a life of luxury and fame or watching a frightening performance in front of a panel of successful judges, there is bound to be an entertaining UK reality TV show for everyone. Do you want to know the best part? Most of the time, we can catch our favourite shows on Freeview live TV through channels such as ITV, ITV2, Channel 4, and E4, so that’s convenient! Click here for TV aerial installation. But, without further ado, let’s jump into some of the UK’s most loved reality TV shows so you can narrow down which one you wish to binge-watch next. 

Love Island 

Let’s begin with possibly the most successful reality TV show the UK has seen so far. Love Island displays a holiday in Majorca for a group of attractive singles who have been enlisted for a summer of love. But, plot twist, this is a game show so there is guaranteed to be ultimate conflict, alongside a series of challenges and games as the UK watches the most dominant and compatible couples reach the finale with the chance of winning a £50,000 cash prize, as well as a new relationship of course.  

Made in Chelsea 

If you are looking to become jealous of a group of upmarket young adults, tune in to E4 to watch Made in Chelsea. The show follows a group of high-class individuals who all seem to be interlinked in one way or another, the majority of them residing in West London and South West areas of Belgravia. Throughout 260 episodes we can watch interesting love triangles, exquisite trips, business ventures, and more importantly, conflict amongst one another, which keeps the audience highly entertained.  

Ibiza Weekender 

If you are a parent to a teenager or young adult, this show is one to avoid, as it will provide you with an accurate representation of the chaos and carnage that takes place on a girl or boy’s holiday. The show is carried by a group of fun and mischievous holiday reps who reside within the Ibiza Weekender hotel for the duration of the summer. Each episode features a different group of guests who they assist in providing them with an unforgettable few days on the party island that is Ibiza.  

Britain’s Got Talent 

Some of the UK’s most hilarious clips have originated from Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) since it premiered back in 2007. Watching the UK’s most talented, and untalented individuals makes this one of the countries most loved reality TV shows. However, we are well aware that while some people audition down to having a pure talent, while others simply make an appearance to make the public break out in a fit of laughter. It’s all about balance on this show and it definitely works!   

Geordie Shore 

Although this show has been criticised over the years by many, the Geordie Shore cast is nothing short of entertaining through their lively, reckless, and party-orientated lifestyles. The UK show, taking place in Newcastle, originated from the success of the USA show, Jersey Shore which demonstrated the same concept but in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Each episode seems like a Saturday night on this show as we watch stars such as Charlotte Crosby, Gary Beadle, and Holly Hagan hit “the toon” for a wild night. As one of the Uk’s most loved reality TV shows, this justifies that youngsters enjoy the riveting events that take place on, and after, a night out within the UK.  


Channel 4 has brought us some brilliant content over the years but Gogglebox has got to be one of its finest. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stick a video camera in your living room to capture your family’s reaction to live TV shows? Well, Gogglebox has this covered. Featuring different households and settings, the show simply displays the hilarious reactions of individuals across the UK as they criticise TV. Who even came up with this genius idea? Simple yet effective, we love it! 

First Dates 

Another Channel 4 favourite has got to be First Dates. This UK reality show constantly takes place within a Central London restaurant as we watch two strangers, walk through the double doors to embark on a first date. Cameras are fixated around the restaurant to monitor the dates taking place throughout the episode, as we use our initiative to gather whether or not these two individuals will see each other again or whether the date is a flunk. With awkward moments, this show can be comedy gold, and it just goes to show that we UK citizens love to pry and snoop as we watch two individuals have dinner with one another.


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