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TV series

Watching TV can be a perfect way to escape reality, and at times, there is nothing better than finishing your working day to resume the TV series that you are currently watching. TV series can be highly intriguing, and each episode’s closure just leaves you wanting more! Sometimes, it can be hard not to fall into a trap of binge-watching our favourite shows, and before we know it, five hours have passed as our eyes have been glued to a laptop or TV screen! But, when this TV series ends, figuring out what series to move on to next can be a hard task, especially if you are an indecisive young adult! Not to panic, to make things a little easier for you, we have comprised a list of some of the best TV series for young adults to make choosing your new favourite watch a whole lot easier.  

Gossip Girl

“Hey Upper East Siders, it’s Gossip Girl Here!” The famous quote that excites everyone who is a fan of this much-loved TV series. Taking place in New York, Gossip Girl follows the lives of a group of wealthy young adults for six seasons straight as they live their lives but constantly get exposed from the secret blogger “Gossip Girl”, but who is she? Will we ever find out? With characters like Chuck Bass, Blair Waldorf, Serena Van Der Woodsen, and Nate Archibald, the drama is never out of the loop. Oh, and throw Brooklyn boy Dan Humphery and his sister Jenny into the mix too, and we have even more! The perfect series for young adults, especially girls.  

The Inbetweeners 

A British favourite if we do say so ourselves, as Will, Simon, Jay, and Neil are guaranteed to provide all of the laughs in this coming-of-age E4 series. The show covers the lives and complications of the four high school boys as they navigate their way through the adolescence phase of life. Although, they certainly are a very unusual group. Documenting their high school experience and run-ins with their headmaster, their struggles with girls, oh, and partying and underage drinking, the series appears to be highly relatable for British residents of a similar age. Maybe that is why we love it so much? Effortlessly hilarious and one of the best TV series for young adults, and the best part, you can still catch random episodes of The Inbetweeners on live TV! Click here for TV aerial installation

Pretty Little Liars 

When a group of four high school friends reunites following their previous group leaders’ disappearance, they soon realise they are in for a bumpy ride when they all begin receiving anonymous text messages from “A”. Not to panic, it should just be the supposedly missing Alison, or is it? This series is full of mystery as the deep-rooted issues of their town, Rosewood, are unveiled slowly but surely. As the girls are tortured by A throughout the seven seasons, they live their everyday lives on edge unsure what the torturer has in store for them next. If you are looking for a good high school drama mystery series, Pretty Little Liars is for sure your next watch! 

Top Boy 

Following on from the Top Boy: Summerhouse series that broadcast on Channel 4 in 2011 (note that it can also be found on Netflix now), the new Top Boy has been a hit amongst young adult viewers, primarily males, and that’s not only because everyone’s favourite British rapper, Dave, is featured in it! In season three of Top Boy, new boy Jamie is on the scene as the new top boy of the London streets, but when everyone’s favourite bad duo, Sully and Dushane, appear back on the scene, it is clear that Dushane wants to rightfully take back what is his. Filled with drama, violence, and crime, this series is a true work of art and loved by all who complete it. Top secret: season four is set to be released on Netflix this March (2022)! 

Prison Break 

As one of Netflix’s most popular and dominating series, it is no surprise that Prison Break falls within our list of best TV series for young adults. When an innocent man, Linc, is sent to death row after being falsely accused of killing the Vice President’s brother, the only hope he has to escape jail is his brother. Michael, Linc’s brother is an engineer and knows the prison layout, so he thinks to himself, what better option is there than to get myself arrested and help my brother escape? This modern take on The Shawshank Redemption is deemed a masterpiece in American drama series. Catch it on Netflix today! 


A true blast from the past, and if you love a bit of nostalgia, take yourself back to the 2007 period and turn on Skins! Centered around a group of troubled teens in the Bristol area of England, the show is filled with, well, all the bad things that young adults tend to get up to. However, it has received credibility over the years for focusing on controversial subjects such as bullying, substance abuse, and mental illness to name a few, making the show extremely raw, realistic, and loved by many. Not to mention, the unique and eccentric characters make this show a success, watch today to discover who your favourite is!


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