Microsoft Distributors and Some Services

Microsoft Distributors

In this day and age, it is important to depend on software distributors for various purposes or services that include software licencing, access to cloud computing software, etc. A Microsoft distributor provides the same services to the partners to help them grow their businesses. It is important to depend on an approved distributor for the services provided by the company. This article will explain the job of distributors and illustrate some of the services provided by leading distributors.

Who are Microsoft Distributors?

Microsoft distributors are businesses that distribute Microsoft products and services. Some of these businesses can also act as licensed Microsoft resellers or partners. Value-added distributors help the subscriber companies or clients increase their awareness about the brand, boost their bottom line and establish their industry expertise. Some distributors have proved their excellence in offering Microsoft resellers a great level of support. 

How to Select a Microsoft Distributor?

While choosing a distributor, consider these points: 

1. Experience in the field

2. Connections to Microsoft

3. Services provided

Be wise and choose a team that has years of experience in the field and has robust connections with the company. A team closely connected to Microsoft Global Network will benefit Australian resellers in getting early access to new programs, resources, tools, and Microsoft experts.

Here are three cloud solution programs that are helpful for individuals and businesses and are made available by trustworthy distributors.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, or simply Azure, is a cloud computing software that helps in application management through data centres. It provides SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS and supports different programming languages, frameworks, and tools that help introduce the customers to new cloud technologies. Distributors can help their customers by providing the tools to master these emerging technologies fastly. It is highly recommended by the distributors to embrace the cloud for the growth of the business. The cloud system will help one strengthen security and work from anywhere in the world on any device with a stable internet connection. 

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is used by people and businesses to stay connected using the set of apps that works across various operating systems: Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS, for example. Distributors of Microsoft will keep one informed about different plans suitable for the use of individuals, families, or businesses. Microsoft 365 also enables many to work on the same project at the same time, which eventually helps in increasing the revenue. In this post-pandemic scenario, when most businesses are embracing remote working, Microsoft 365 can become an integral part of the new work culture.

Microsoft Dynamics 365This is a product line of business applications (ERP and CRM) available in two editions. Enterprise Edition includes several CRM apps and customer service, whereas the Business Edition comprises a financial application. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 team supports the client in architecting solutions that help their customers acquire more business intelligence easily. Today, data is everything and businesses all over the world adopt innovative ways to collect it from different sources and platforms to store it in one place. Dynamics 365 is an application that helps companies have greater business insight and increased efficiency. A distributor of this application will keep one aware of the endless benefits of Dynamics 365 and explains why one should keep up with the requirements of their clients by subscribing to the application.


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