What Is The Importance Of Permanent Visa?

The Importance Of Permanent Visa
The Importance Of Permanent Visa

When the immigration passports are presented, everyone considered to have requested a visa and, subject to health or character considerations, receives a SCV automatically recorded electronically. Their passports from New Zealand are stamped and show the date of arrival in any country. This is the only proof that has been provided or needed to show that they are SCV holders. Opt New Zealand Immigration.

People who become citizens in New Zealand after their arrival in the country can obtain the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for the SCV, as can citizens in New Zealand who were outside the country before 1 September 1994, subject to health and character considerations.

Some New Zealand residents who were still in their own countries before 1 September 1994 automatically became holders of SCV on 1 September 1994.

Is it necessary to apply for a permanent residence visa?

A New Zealand citizen holding a SCV is not required to apply or obtain permanent residency in any country. The SCV allows a citizen of New Zealand to remain and work legally in any country as long as this individual remains a citizen of New Zealand. But there is some importance for a permanent visa.

In addition, the Government of the country announced that New Zealand citizens who arrive in the place on or after 27 February 2001 must apply for and be granted permanent residency if they want to have access to certain social security payments not covered by the provisions of the new bilural social security arrangement between any state and New Zealand on 26 February 2001. These changes do not affect citizens of New Zealand under transitional provisions who:

 People on 26 February 2001 as SCV holders

People living outside the country on 26 February 2001, but being a SCV holder in the country for a total of 12 months over two years before then, returned to Australia or obtained a certificate under the 1991 Social Security Act, confirming that they were resident at a given time in their country. These certificates are not issued anymore.

Country citizenship

Applying for citizenship

New Zealand citizens arriving on or after 27 February 2001 may be eligible for any nationality if they hold a permanent New Zealand Family Visa or comply with the above-mentioned transitional provisions.

New Zealand nationals aged 16 or over who apply for any country citizenship can review details on Form 47P Character criteria for penal clearance certificates.

Persons who arrived in the country before the age of 16 and did not reside in New Zealand should not refer to Form 47 P.

Citizenship by birth – before 1 September 1994

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Every person born in any country on or after 26 January 1949 and before 20 August 1986 shall be born a national (except for certain children born to diplomats and other excluded persons).

According to the Country Citizenship Act 1948 (the Act), a person who was born in any country on or after 20 August 1986 is a citizen by birth only if at least one parent was a citizen of the particular country or permanent resident at the moment of his birth. However, the children of parents in New Zealand were not included.

This is because most New Zealanders were ‘exempt non-citizens’ in all countries between 20 August 1986 and 31 August 1994. The law specifically excluded ‘exempt non-citizen’ children from obtaining the citizenship of any country by birth.

On 1 September 1994, when the Law on Migration Reform came into force, the term “non-citizens exempt” ceased to apply, and SCVs were introduced for New Zealand citizens.


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